Totality - the Eclipse Movie

Hi there! Have you heard about the total solar eclipse coming up on August 21, 2017?! It's going to be super cool. A new moon (the kind you can't really see) will pass in front of the sun, blocking it entirely in certain parts of the country, and turning midday to night and back again.

When I heard this once in a lifetime eclipse was happening, I immediately knew I wanted to be somewhere to see it and film it. From there I started to think about the stories I could tell that could incorporate an eclipse. The idea of expecting light but experiencing darkness. The fact that after every dark night of the soul, the light returns.

"Totality" is a story of a woman in her mid-thirties who suddenly becomes a widow and must find her way out of the darkness of death and depression and back into the light of love and life.

If you are a nerdy female (or know/love one), you are my target audience and someone who would benefit from going on this journey with me. As it will be that, a true journey!

When I travel, I tend to roam off the beaten path and live like a local. When in Rome, as the saying goes. And I'd love to show off these small American towns, in the heart of the country, that audiences rarely get to see in film. There is so much beauty to explore, and there are so many picturesque places that don't offer tax incentives to film there, which is why I will be so grateful if you decide to help me bring my vision to life.

$3,500 really isn't a lot to ask for to fund a short film. In fact, at $3,500, nobody is getting paid. This money isn't going to rent or medical bills or unpaid student loans. 

Here's a breakdown of how we plan on spending the $3,500 we hope to raise.

$700 in gasoline (BTW, this is a road trip movie, so...)
$300 in lodging (We're camping, so it's minimal)
$1,000 in food (We can't pay actors or crew, so we feed them...)
$1,000 in equipment (Rentals & purchases)
$500 buffer (It's a road trip, you never know...)

Ideally, we would raise the full $3,500 prior to our first day of shooting (scheduled for August 12th, 2017.) However, part of the reason we've chosen GoFundMe as our crowdfunding platform is because we can keep it running throughout the filming process as we travel. 

No, I didn't just randomly switch to the royal "we". Because I quite literally cannot make a movie alone (okay, I *could*, but it wouldn't be much good...) I've recruited a small, but dedicated, band of merry men to lug equipment and fetch me coffee. ;-)

Because I really don't want to make a movie all by myself (the best part of filmmaking is collaborating) I've asked my dear friend and colleague Spencer Pool to join me as a co-producer/director on this project. His point of view is complementary to mine, yet different enough to really bring a nice balance to my work. He'll often suggest I pull back when my instinct is to go further, and vice a versa.

Since this is a super low budget film, and I'm taking cues from my heroes, in addition to writing the screenplay, I will also be playing the lead role. (Don't worry, before I graduated with honors with a Major in Directing and Minor in Screenwriting from Columbia College - Hollywood, I was trained in the method and Stanislavski techniques at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, so I have at least some clue as to what I'm doing.)

There are so many worthy and important causes to give money to these days. And there are so many amazing artists making an impact in such a positive way. If you choose to support my lil ole movie, it would mean the world to me!!

I want to tell a fun, deep, dark, sweet, beautiful, and moving story about mourning, love, loss, and self-discovery. I want to bring joy, laughter, and a moment of brightness to someone’s otherwise dreary day. We all need that from time to time, and a small donation from you today would do just that for me!

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I hope to be emailing you a personal note soon thanking you for your donation and giving you an update on the film!!
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