Total Hip/Lumbar/Eye recovery fund

My name's Tim Bean I'm writing on behalf of john because he won't ask for help and I urged him to crowdsource to get help .
I've known John since 1980 as college roommates when I swam one year at the University of Miami and he was the grad assistant pool manager, he was one of, if the not, the only person that treated me with compassion and respected my perspective as I was going through a difficult adolescent transition my freshman year and that left an indelible impression on
me that I carry to this day. We became better acquainted years later, in the 1980's, when I was coincidentally looking for a personal trainer
and he entered my workplace ( I worked in a dealership)and he was looking for a new business automobile . We caught up and started working together as client/ trainer but primarily as friends and of course our friendship grew stronger through the years . Our lives went in Separate directions in the 90's but we always stayed in touch as good friends .
I moved to Wisconsin with my wife and kids and he to the west coast of Florida after fusion surgery for a fractured lumbar vertebra to open a fitness facility in Ft. Myers , but john was strong from his occupation and healed quickly,

Fast Forward to today, John needs assistance.

In 2012 he had a bicycle riding mishap riding in a paceline that would have serious ramifications later on, which is why we are here today .

At the time he was also uninsured and 1) He was ruled ineligible because it was pre-ex injury, also his previous lumbar history (which shouldn't have been an issue but was . 2) of those who might insure they were cost prohibitive because of his pre-ex condition and rates were impossible to afford .It wasn't until early to mid 2015 that things snowballed and his hip and now back (because of compensation and deterioration accelerated ,he also took to using
crutches to relieve pressure on a very painful hip) . As his income gradually fell off he was able to qualify for the ACA but it still was tough to meet expenses and he lost his policy twice in late 15' and mid 16' (that policy was reinstated )and it was also when he was definitively diagnosed By MRI of the the medical necessity of lumbar surgery,  but first, the hip needed to be resolved first bvecause it was in worse condition and necessary before the neurosurgeon would do the back . *Note in 2016 he also was granted a bankruptcy and had to pay or give up personal property in amount of 6400.00 of collateral property, plus of that 4000 was paid in monthly installments amounts (were equivalent to Condo maintenance fees) through July 2017 so every penny was used to pay his debt. His diet was very spartan so he  could make his nutritional requirements and still afford to eat and still stay healthy. All the while his hip and the other compensations that occur with it worsened and he was finally able to have the total hip in March of 2017 and lumbar at the end of May2017.
Even though medical was covered by ACA,  other fixed costs/ expenses like his Mortgage and Condominium fees have lagged and suffered, he owes close to 3000.00 to bring them up to date.
Each day that goes by brings him closer to legal action and a potential foreclosure.

My friend John needs our help and a hand that he won't ask for, he's just not wired that way but I'm pushing him to allow me to do this and he has acquiesced.

I'm not sure how this works but any amount however it may be,  would help. I'm asking and hoping on his behalf you will help too !

Thank you for indulging me but mostly thank you for John if you're able to help.

"It's not easy asking for this kind of help I was always taught to handle your own issues Timmy convinced me to do this and I've agreed reluctantly , but did agree and am grateful for anything anyone can donate everything is greatly appreciated ."
Thank you in advance !
  • Linda Masucci 
    • $100 
    • 61 mos
  • Sandi Coppens 
    • $25 
    • 62 mos
  • Tom Runyon 
    • $50 
    • 62 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $25 
    • 62 mos
  • Diane Elwell 
    • $500 
    • 62 mos
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John J Masucci 
Fort Myers, FL