Get Mike/Mac to Oregon for Grandma


My name is Mike, my beautiful wife's name is Gail and my wonderful son's name is Mac. We moved from california to New Zealand in 2014, to be closer to my wife's side of the family.  While we have been here, we have been able to see our older son Kieran get married, and now also have another beautiful granddaughter.

We feel very blessed to be here in New Zealand at this time, and I know that we are still better off than many people in this world, but has been very hard for us financially. To come here, I had to take a 60% pay cut, and the cost of living is higher, And we have completely exhausted all our resources.

 I have faith that we can turn our finances around, as  I have a plan to develop some mobile apps next year which may supplement our income and help us back on our feet. I may need to return to the US by myself and find a higher paying job there, and send the money to Gail/Mac for a bit. All options are open at the moment.

However, this week my mother has had a stroke, and is in the hospital.  She is barely able to speak, and drops in and out of lucidness. My dad broke his foot, and has a crippling back problem, and crawls to his car in he morning, drives to the hospital, crawls to the lobby and has someone give him a wheelchair and wheels him to be by my mom's side each day, Then at night he has someone wheel him to the car, and he cralws/hobbles back to his apartment.  Both my parents are 70.

I want more than anything to be able to go see them. I spoke to my mother today on the phone, and it was heart breaking. I havent seen my parents in 3 years. I am worried I may not see my Mom alive again. - That Mac may not even remember his Grandma.

I really hate to ask for help, but I am hoping I might be able to raise enough money for plane tickets from here in Christchurch, New Zealand, to San Francisco for me and Mac.

We have two cars that have been in outside storage for the past 2.5 years up near Stockton. I plan to see if I can get them started, find a way to convince the DMV to let me register them again, quickly sell one of them, then drive up to Portland to see my Mom. If I can just get to California, and sell one of my cars for $2000-$3000 or so, I would have enough for food and lodging and gas for the trip up to Portland for 2 weeks (that is all I can take off work)

If I could find someone willing to help me and Mac get over there to Oregon, We would be very very very very grateful. I miss my Mom
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Mike Tyler Jr.
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