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We Create "Indian" Films

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My name is Terry Jones and I am an emerging Native American filmmaker who is a member of the Seneca Nation of Indians. While pursuing a degree in film from Syracuse University, I met fellow "Indian" filmmaker, Govind, who hails from the southern India state of Kerala. Since graduating in 2016, our short collaborative short films have screened in 30 film festivals from all over the world. Below is a one-minute video that introduces our films to you as well as showing you where our films have screened:

The filmmakers would like to continue their film collaboration by beginning work on future film projects. This includes writing scripts, writing funding proposals and preparing budgets. Since Terry resides on the Seneca Territory in western New York and Govind resides in southern India, working on these projects over long distances and time zones have been challenging. Terry would like to spend two and a half weeks working with Govind in his home state in southern India.

This funding campaign, if successfully funded, will pay for the round trip airfare (approx. $1,000) as well as a modest per diem for hotels and meals (approx. $50/day).  The trip is expected to take place at the end of March/beginning of April of 2018.

The filmmakers believe the ability for them to work together in the same room will set the foundation to creating newer film works that will take them to the next level. Even if you are unable to contribute at this time, please feel free to sign up for updates on the filmmakers' website at www.tornjerseymedia.com.

Nya:weh (the Seneca word for "Thank You"),
Terry Jones


Terry Jones
Lawtons, NY

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