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TootnAussie Foundation

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Toot-N-Aussie Foundation, Inc. was created and founded by the mother of Dontasia (Toot) Burkes. Over the years searching for resources, answers, help; she realized that she had to do something to help those on the spectrum. As well as those who are caretakers of those on the spectrum.

This GoFundMe was created to assist in the building and maintaining of the Toot-N-Aussie Foundation. Upcoming events include Community Outreach Events, Back to School Drive & Give-away, Holiday Blast Events (provide resources, fun activities for the community all while bringing awareness).  This foundation is designed to not only offer support and resources but to create a supportive community, that will provide an outlet to help others through the process.


Bridgett Brown-Burkes
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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