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Our communities are under attack. We are facing hate crimes, state violence and repression. Healing work is often seen as an adjunct activity at the end of a stressful cycle, but it in and of itself is its own tactic. Our communities do not get to rest before another tragedy from environmental devastation, police violence, ICE raids, interpersonal violence and inter-generational trauma. It is vital that we collectively create healing resources outside of the systems that harms us.

Tooth and Nail: A Community Support Collective, a project of The FANG Collective, was formally launched in the winter of 2018. Comprised of femme, genderqueer and black, indigenous and, or people of color (BIPOC) members, we are centered on providing elements of healing (mental health support, facilitation, cooking food, providing first aid/herbal healing at events, construction, etc.) to movement spaces and frontline groups. Through trainings and outreach, Tooth and Nail also aims to grow the capacity of others doing similar work with the hopes of re-empowering healers of all types to respond to the needs of their community and help build more sustainable resistance movements.

We currently work in seemingly two different worlds - one in which we are trying to tear down a system and another in which we are rebuilding. Tooth and Nail is an urgent response - it is the unification of these worlds. We are asking for your support in the recentering of our humanity and cultural practices in this project that is parallel to our resistance movements - not separate.

In the past year, community contributions of time, labor, resources and funds to this work have enabled Tooth and Nail to:
-Set up medic facilities and construct kitchens and infrastructure for resistance camps
-Collect, source and distribute medical supplies and herbs to resistance camps, community groups, youth healing programs, tree-sit blockades, and post disaster area response teams.
-Facilitate trainings on jail support, basic first aid, herbal first aid, street medic-ing

We have put together this GoFundMe to raise funds for our farm project and two kitchen projects - one based in our local community, the other a bit further. Please read on for descriptions of these projects and how funds will be used.


This year we were fortunate to be able to start a farm! Our farm plan consists of an herb garden, two community garden beds, and two youth garden beds!

As part of this project, we hope to:

-Create a space where BIPOC community members and organizers of all ages, who have not had access to land due to colonization, gentrification, and white supremacy, can grow and harvest plants for their own foods and medicines.
-Revive traditional healing practices and teachings within our communities.
-Grow our own plant matter for our herbal medicines, as well as grow food to share with our local community and frontline organizers.
-Use the skills and plants we gather to continue to create and facilitate Herbal First Aid Trainings, Herbal Workshops, etc. - focusing on uplifting health concerns of BIPOC & QT folx.

Estimated costs: $1500
Gardening Tools and Equipment: $200
Seeds & Plants: $150
Seedling Start Up Supplies: $100
Compost/Fertilizers: $250
Herbal Medicine Making Supplies (tea, tinctures, salves): $150
Solar Herb Dryer: $350
Construction Supplies: $300


Through community support and grants, in summer 2017 we were able to purchase a full field kitchen to be able to cook for action camps, fundraisers, meetings, retreats, etc. Just about a year ago, we shipped all of our cooking gear/mobile kitchen to the L’eau Est La Vie Camp which is fighting the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in so-called Louisiana. While we have been slowly rebuilding our inventory of gear, there are still many supplies we haven’t had the resources to purchase. Your contributions will enable us to continue to cook for events and loan our gear out locally to community groups/organizations.

Estimated costs: $1,250
Many of the items are listed here on this amazon wishlist:


For the past two years we have been invited to Oglala Lakota Territory to cook for a young women’s cultural summer camp. Rather than transporting a field kitchen 4000 miles round trip, we are hoping to support them in purchasing their own equipment for the upcoming camp so they can continue to use the gear long after we leave.

Estimated cost: $2,250

Thank you for reading about our project. We are so grateful for all of the support we have received for this project so far. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you have specific materials to donate.

Contact: [email redacted]

In solidarity,
- Tooth and Nail
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