Tom McMahon vs. Stage IV cancer

Thank you everyone for the continuous support! We have posted an update in the comments section below ☺️ 

Two months ago, Thomas McMahon was diagnosed with incurable stage IV high-risk bladder cancer. Originally given a 5% chance to live 5 years, his odds have changed when a PET scan showed tumors invaded his lungs, kidney, and liver. His chance of survival dropped from a matter of years to an expected term of just months post treatment. His only option is to undergo a series of chemotherapy treatments, which costs $20,000 per treatment, followed by an expensive surgery which removes his bladder and replaces it with an exterior bag. He will spend the rest of his life carrying the bag around and having to empty it out on his own, preventing him from participating in most activities; still, he is willing to fight for as many years of life as he can. His health insurance company will only continue to pay for the costs as long as he is a full time employee, but due to the side effects of chemo and constant need of treatment, Thomas will not be able to go back to work full time. In less than three months, his health insurance provided by his work will be discontinued leaving us with limited resources to pay for the remaining chemo, surgery, and numerous prescriptions costs.

We need our dad and here is how you can help us stay a family.

Paying for this out of pocket is not an option for our family, and without assistance, we will have to discontinue treatment and my dad won't survive more than a few months. With your help, we can exhaust all the treatment and preventative options and he might possibly beat the statistics.

No one deserves cancer, but everyone deserves a chance at life! Please help us increase our chances and donate to help us fight!



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