Medical Expenses for Stray

Hello everyone and thank you so much for taking the time to read this.   As a quick introduction, my name is Todd La Torre, and this story takes place while I am currently on vacation in Greece.
My wife were walking late in the evening and found this stray dog in the streets of Athens, Greece.  Feeling terribly sorry for this animal, we went back to the house to bring back some food and water for this dog.  We noticed the dog was in very poor, near death condition.  She wouldn't eat anything, and was only able to take a couple of sips of water at best.   She was covered in ticks, hind legs barely functional, no energy at all.

After carefull assessment, we carried her to our place and remained with her until sunrise in search for a veterinarian to take her to.  We found one very close to the house, and began immediate medical intervention to save this beautiful dog's life. 

Today is day 3 of being at the vet clinic.

Here is a list of what we have done so far:
* 2 types of antibiotics
*antivomit medication
*constant IV fluids
*tests done for leptospirosis, kalazar, and ehrlichia
She tested + for ehrlichia

Her fever originally was 41C/105.8F, she has an enlarged heart, with kidneys and liver not functioning properly.

Day three, her temp is normal, and she did urinate a little bit.  Yesterday she ate tiny amount of special food and had a drink of water but couldn't hold it down.   This morning, after the antivomitting meds, she drank some water and thus far has held it down. She was also able to get up slowly without collapsing, so she is showing signs of improvment. 

We have personally incurred all medical expenses and will continue to do so regardless, but the expenses will be increasing as we are having to get more detailed in certain tests, etc.   Also, the veterinarian has been so amazing and compassionate with this animal, and has done things beyond what have paid for, he is not even charging us the daily fee to keep her there to observe and care for her. 

This fund raising is to help provide ANY and ALL additional expenses that will be incurred, and all funds raised will go directly for these bills.  Any additional funds left will be donated to this particular clinic to help pay for the next animal in need. 

Thank you for the concern, interest, and anything at all that you may be able to help in this matter.  We are huge animal lovers, and we want to do everything in our power to help give this sweet dog a chance to live!

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