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To help megan and rob with hospital expenses

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Megan fell ill on july 20th. She is still currently in the hospital. She has faced many challenges.

It all stared with a virus, After 14 days of her vomiting and not keeping anything down, while being on 4 antibiotics, testing, blood draws, and Echo cardiograms they finally found the right antibiotic to help her and she finally got better. But we also discovered with the echo cardiogram that she has a blood clot in her heart. She was placed on heparin to help dissolve the clot.

Shortly after this, she was then facing Pneumonia, she couldn't breath and had to be on a high flow of oxygen, this lead her to CCU. She was placed on dobutamine, plus continuing heparin

The echo cardiograms showed her EF function had dropped significantly low 15% from her previous echocardiogram 45%

In her latest echo cardiograms the blood clot got smaller in her heart but pieces of it moved to her spleen, causing pain in her stomach. This prompt a CT scan that showed the movement.

Megan had surgery for her heart, were they placed a balloon pump.

After surgery, Megan was experiencing pain in her right arm, where she had another CT scan that showed she had multiple blood clots in her arm and neck, even with being on the heparin. The clots can be common with surgery and the doctor's believe that's what happened.

A week after surgery, Megan's chest started to swell up with blood from the site of the balloon pump. After days of being on pain medication the pain wouldn't go away and the swelling got worse. She began to bleed from her incision site.

Megan was sent to the OR for them to clean out the blood, plus add a JP drain. They cleared blood from her chest, they discovered another blood clot and was able to remove it.

Megans arm is still sore but improving. She still has the blood clots in her arm, neck, heart and spleen.

Meanwhile Megan is waiting for a heart transplant. She's been on the list since they placed the balloon pump and recently raised to level 1E.

She is doing well and is taking each day with a positive outlook.

We are looking for fundraising to help Megan and Rob.. if anyone has any ideas on fundraising or how to get started please share!

Rob has already taken a week off work but Doctor's said she would need alot of help when she get's home with recovery and it would be more beneficial for Rob to save his FMLA for when she get home.

This was very personal for Megan, she didn't want to share this on Fb but Rob and I feel at this point we need to try and get some help.

She's already been in the hospital 3 weeks and will continue to be there until a heart is ready, which could be weeks to months.

Then after transplant another few weeks. Megan has been so strong and resilient through this journey. The way she handles talking with her kids just amazes me. God is giving her the strength to push forward.


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