T.M. Productions

T.M. Productions is a private independent film, television, & video production company whose mission is to create high quality premium content that is entertaining, inspiring, & relatable to the audience and to deliver a great experience. But beyond that and the reason why we're trying to raise so much money is to change, disrupt, and revolutionize the entire entertainment industry by creating a new & better alternative to Hollywood that is decentralized, non-elitist, non-monopolistic, and where everyone has equal opportunities. Hollywood has many problems, and we're the solution. Please consider supporting our MEGA mission- to Make Entertainment Great Again!

For many years now Hollywood has been doing a lot of things wrong; from putting out subpar content, engaging in unethical business practices, monopolizing the industry, and making it harder for independent creators & entertainers to break into the industry, among many other things. Here at T.M. Productions we plan on changing all of that. This is the start of a movement that with your help we can make a difference. No longer will Hollywood be the gatekeeper to people's success and what the audience consumes. Now more than ever an initiative like this is needed. Below is a list of all the things T.M. Productions will do differently that sets it apart from Hollywood and all the other companies:

The majority of the entertainment industry is primarily located in two areas, Hollywood (L.A.) and New York City. If you don't live or move there than you're pretty much out luck for trying to find work or make it in the industry. Instead we plan on creating a collaborative community and network of production companies, hubs, studios, and offices all around the country so that everyone has equal opportunities and anyone regardless of where they live has the chance to break into the industry.

Streamlining & Efficiency:
Despite the rapid growth and advancement of technology, a lot of Hollywood is still stuck in doing things the old way. Many filmmakers have indeed made tremendous progress, however not everyone has caught up. Instead we plan on streamlining the entire filmmaking process and bridging the gap between independent and studio films & television shows by making content in a more efficient way but with the same backing and resources that they would get from a larger company. To do so we will utilize the latest filmmaking equipment and technology that will enable us to do things for much easier and cheaper than the typical Hollywood production, and instead of having bloated budgets we plan on producing our projects from a medium-sized budget that will cut down on unnecessary costs and utilize as few crew and equipment as possible. Additionally we plan on integrating a production company, film studio, and television network all into one privately-owned independent company. This will enable us to finance, create, develop, produce, and distribute all of our own original content in-house which will make everything a lot easier. Another thing we plan on doing integrating all the ways in which films, television shows, and web/streaming content are made. Despite a lot of overlap, they're still made in somewhat different ways. Instead our process will combine all the processes from all the mediums into one for a more streamlined and efficient way. You don't have to have a gigantic budget or be a big company to make good content.

Better Business Model:
Many people probably don't know this, but most films and film studios actually lose money and have very little money to operate with. This is why they always seek outside investors to finance their films and television shows, because they don't have the money to finance it themselves. As a result they are indebted to these investors (often times corporate entities that know nothing about making good content) and have to listen to them when it comes to creative decisions, which inevitably ends up hurting the movie or TV show. Instead we will do things differently, we will finance our own projects ourselves and all of the profits we make will be reinvested back into the company to fund more projects. This means that we won't be beholden to any outside investors or financiers. Our goal is for the company and all of its content to actually make money and be profitable. Additionally we also plan on cutting out all unnecessary costs and producing our projects with reasonably-sized budgets.

No Unions or Guilds:
While the various unions and guilds of the industry have improved conditions for workers in the past, these days they intimidate everyone into meeting their demands and prevent studios and production companies from hiring non-union workers. Instead we will circumvent that and treat all of our workers with the same or better conditions without the need for a union with crazy rules and paying outrageous dues. We will work with anyone and treat everyone equally whether they are with a union or not.

Better Content & Quality:
Hollywood used to put out great content, and occasionally they still do, but these days they've been making a lot of things that suck. Instead we will do things differently to ensure that our content is better and higher quality. For one we will make content that is real, genuine, authentic, deep, and meaningful with actual higher quality, depth, and substance to it; instead of just superficial, shallow, surface-level stuff. We can still maintain the fanciness and flashiness of it all, however we can do it with actual substance contained. Also instead of doing things just for the money or marketability, we'll do things with the focus on the quality of work and the fans in mind. We'll also have stars and creators on board to get their input and help them make the best decisions with what they're involved in. And lastly we will lobby for better projects to get made instead of the bad ones. In the case of franchises, we will make sure that all franchises are handled properly with the utmost care and aren't ruined like how Hollywood has been ruining many franchises these days.

Listening to Feedback:
Many people in Hollywood used to listen to and appreciate their audience, fans, and viewers when they give feedback, but instead nowadays Hollywood attacks fans for having legitimate criticisms and a different opinion than the mainstream. We plan on interacting and connecting more with the audience and listening to what our fans have to say. Although we know it's impossible to please everyone, we want to make sure everyone is heard and valued for their opinions instead of being attacked for them. We want to hear what they have to say and what they want to see and take it all into consideration.

More Transparency:
Hollywood is filled with secrecy as to how they conduct their business. Everything from how they do their accounting and budgeting to how they develop content is hidden behind closed doors. Instead we plan on being as transparent as possible when it comes to our finances and content creation. That means that we want to share the journey with the audience and give them a look behind-the-scenes when we create content instead of keeping tight-lipped behind an NDA. Why does it seem like Hollywood is sometimes more secretive than the CIA?

No Foreign Influence:
For many years now Hollywood has been obtaining financing from foreign companies to produce films and mainly rely on the box office returns from foreign countries to make money. As a result Hollywood directly panders to and censors their own films for foreign nations with corrupt governments like China. By making those corrupt companies and countries money, Hollywood is complicit in enabling their corruption. Not only that, but that also means that foreign countries essentially control our entertainment. Instead we plan on never accepting any money from, pandering to, or censoring our content for any corrupt foreign companies and governments whatsoever.

No Political or Social Agendas:
Nowadays it seems all Hollywood cares about is injecting their own views and political and social agendas into their content. The majority of people don't want that, the audience wants to escape and just enjoy what they watch, they don't want to be lectured by elitists who have no clue what they're talking about and be vilified for simply having a different opinion. Not to mention when Hollywood's focus is a political or social agenda, the content suffers and ends up sucking because their priorities weren't in the right place. Instead we plan on not injecting any agenda into our content. We don't want to alienate any of our audience and our priorities will always be to make the best content possible, not push our views onto people.

People in Hollywood run rampant and get away with nearly everything. They attack and harass people online, they commit crimes and get off free, and they treat people badly. Instead we will hold people accountable and ensure that the people who work for/with us maintain professionalism and integrity. While we don't believe in censoring people's words or policing their actions, we believe that there is an objective line that shouldn't be crossed that is standard and commonplace throughout most businesses. Instead of Hollywood being run like a free-for-all, we will be run like a proper and professional business.

No Cancel Culture:
These days people's entire lives and careers are being destroyed simply because they hold different beliefs. The entertainment industry is hypocritical and has a double standard, they allow anyone who holds the same political views as them to get away with whatever they want, but they destroy anyone who disagrees with them for far less. We will stand up for and not allow anyone to be cancelled for their beliefs. We fully believe in freedom of speech and the right for everyone to express their views.

Many people and companies in Hollywood lack integrity, both personally and professionally. Some treat people badly, engage in negative activities, participate in corruption, and commit criminal acts. Instead we want to highlight and promote people's integrity and values, and ensure that the industry maintains moral and ethical standards. While we can't control other people's actions, we will refuse to promote and possibly work with people who commit negative acts such as drug use, violence, harassment, and other criminal/illegal activity.

Positive Role Models:
Many celebrities in Hollywood either don't know or don't care about the influence they have on people. Many people especially young people tend to look up to celebrities as role models, and when those celebrities engage in negative behaviors it can influence the youth to think that that type of behavior is okay. Instead we want to emphasize and highlight people who live positive & healthy lifestyles and would be positive role models and an inspiration to the youth.

Overall we just want to make good content and make a positive impact on people, to help inspire and motivate them through our work as well as being good role models to look up to. Join us on our journey and let's team up to create a better entertainment industry!

Funding Goals:
Our goals will be separated into five phases with five goals each, and each phase enabling us to accomplish specific things.

Phase One- Investing in equipment, hiring part-time crew & talent:
• Goal #1- $10,000
• Goal #2- $25,000
• Goal #3- $50,000
• Goal #4- $75,000
• Goal #5- $100,000

Phase 2- Micro budget projects, setting up office, hiring full-time crew & talent:
• Goal #1- $100,000
• Goal #2- $250,000
• Goal #3- $500,000
• Goal #4- $750,000
• Goal #5- $1,000,000

Phase 3- Small budget projects, building main studio:
• Goal #1- $1,000,000
• Goal #2- $2,500,000
• Goal #3- $5,000,000
• Goal #4- $7,500,000
• Goal #5- $10,000,000

Phase 4- Medium budget projects, setting up offices/studios around country:
• Goal #1- $10,000,000
• Goal #2- $25,000,000
• Goal #3- $50,000,000
• Goal #4- $75,000,000
• Goal #5- $100,000,000

Phase 5- Large budget projects, acquiring other companies:
• Goal #1- $100,000,000
• Goal #2- $250,000,000
• Goal #3- $500,000,000
• Goal #4- $750,000,000
• Goal #5- $1,000,000,000


What will the funds be used for?

All of the funds will go towards these three things: creating content, hiring the best people who share our vision, and setting up production studios all around the country. I'm sure one of the first things that popped in your mind is why on earth do we need to raise this insane amount of money of $1 billion dollars (the maximum amount able to be raised on GoFundMe), and the reason is because it will require this much (and perhaps even more) to accomplish these things without any outside help and to be able to compete with Hollywood. If we reach this goal we will be able to build a bunch of studios and have a ton of movies & TV shows in the pipeline within a short timeframe.

How will you be able to build multiple studios across the country?

Our plan is to partner up with other production companies in certain areas throughout the country and provide them with the necessary funds and resources so that they can build them themselves. This not only makes things much easier on our part, but it decentralizes the system and enables other companies to get involved as well.

What will you do when you make profits?

All of the profit that we make from our movies, TV shows, and other content will be invested right back into the company to fund more projects. This is yet another departure from how Hollywood does things considering most films and studios actually lose money. So not only is our goal to actually make the company and our work profitable, but we plan to reinvest that profit.

What's in it for me?

If you're tired of the same old crap coming out of Hollywood, this is for you. If you're tired of being lectured and ridiculed by out-of-touch celebrities and being censored and cancelled for your political views, this is for you. If you're afraid to speak up about your views out of fear over being harassed or losing your job, this is for you. If you're sick of struggling trying to break into or scrape by in the industry, this is for you. If you're annoyed with how undeserving idiots with zero talent or work ethic somehow make it big while those who deserve it don't get recognition, than this is for you. Whether you're a viewer or a fellow creator, if you want to see a change with the entertainment industry than this is the way to fight back. Any amount of support is greatly appreciated and we will make sure that your voice will be heard. Join us and let's make history together!


Website: https://www.tmanninoproductions.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TManninoProductions/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tmanninoproductions

NOTE: No gifts, rewards, raffles, sweepstakes, giveaways, or returns on investment are offered in exchange for any donations made.

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