TKIS Year 12

Hi, we are the Year 12 class of 2022. As you may be aware, our school (Colmont School, previously known as The Kilmore International School) went into voluntary administration on the 26th of July and announced the school would suddenly close to Years 3-10 on Friday the 29th. This has left the community in complete shock and devastation.

After the 9th of August, our school will be completely closed and Year 12's will be left to study independently with just 11 weeks until our final IB exams. Being IB students we cannot move to a VCE/HSC/any other Year 12 school as we have been studying a different curriculum for 2 years that is completely different.

We are raising funds to help support Year 12 students and their teachers for the remainder of the year in hopes we can stay together and successfully complete Year 12 with the support of our teachers. This money will go towards payment for our teachers to help us after this week. We have access to venues in the surrounding areas but no funding for our teachers who are volunteering to help us. Our teachers are putting us first. All of them have supported us over these 2 years and we cannot do this without them. Their support is vital at this critical time. At a time that is stressful enough, this has been devasting and detrimental to the Year 12s and we need them to be able to support us through this until exams.