Tim Keyes has ALS

We're updating our goal to $200,000 for the Tim Keyes has ALS fund. I’m Cy Miller, Owner of Common Vision, a Design/Build Remodeling Company. Tim Keyes has worked for us for 35 years. He’s been a leader and mentor for newer employees, the backbone of our company. Every week, multiple people talk about the "Tim Way" for doing things. Tim has ALS.

Tim was diagnosed May 1, 2022 when he noticed his foot was dragging. Since then, he has had to retire and our company has modified his house so Tim and Meg can live on the first floor and stay there indefinitely. Tim isn't yet confined to his wheelchair, but in the short time since he was diagnosed he has to use his hands to raise his legs to get them on the floor so that he can leave his chair. Even then he can only walk a few steps. ALS is relentless.

Our initial goals raised the money to modify Tim's home. We did that. Since then, unimagined and unanticipated expenses have emerged. Every week something we did initially becomes obsolete. Custom grab bars in the bath are no longer adequate and get replaced. Handles need to be added in new locations to get from one room to another, from sitting to standing, or simply to get out of bed. A new and bigger chair will soon be needed, and a van to get it into without disassembling and reassembling on arrival. Around the clock care is in the future.

Meanwhile, there is still time for Tim to enjoy the things we all take for granted. Wheeling through a museum or down a smooth path through the woods. Daily forays into the neighborhood, and the occasional trip to see Teddy, his grandson. With all that in mind, I'm raising our goal to $200,000. As ambitious as it is, it won't be nearly enough. Thank you for helping when you can.


  • David and Maggie Stoeffel
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  • Lila Tullock
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  • Lila Tullock
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  • Brett Hill
    • $100 
    • 2 mos
  • Ann M Altman
    • $100 
    • 2 mos

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