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Who are Tiger's Hearts Collective...

The Tiger's Hearts Collective  is a group of female-identifying artists focussed on reinventing and reclaiming classical theatre through training, workshops and professional productions. Our work challenges the idea that classical theatre is exclusively for a certain class, race, background, or gender. By increasing visibility and representation for women on stage, we hope to create a new classical theatre tradition for everyone to enjoy. We use our theatrical platform to support women in our community, not only by creating more jobs for women in the arts, but also by raising awareness and providing women with access to the help they need through our partnership with WIN House .

The Tiger's Hearts Collective workshop performance of Troilus & Cressida at Skirtsafire Festival, 2020
Photo by April MacDonald Killins 

Classics Reclaimed: Theatre, ONLINE!

Until we're able to gather together in the theatre, Tiger's Hearts Collective remains committed to creating opportunities for female-identifying theatre artists to connect, create, and challenge ourselves through classical theatre. 

We are continuing to create exciting online events with our fabulous team of female-identifying artists, including our new Classics Reclaimed Series! This event happens on the third Thursday of every month at 7pm and is followed by a post-show discussion. From play-readings to scene-studies to workshops to new works, each Classics Reclaimed event explores something new in the realm of "the classics", so check out our social media channels & website  for this month's event!

Just listening/watching? Tune in to the LIVE stream on the  Tiger's Hearts Collective Facebook Page ! Want to join the conversation? Get in touch with us at [email redacted] and we'll get you connected to our Zoom room to participate in the discussion!


On May 25th 2020, Tiger's Hearts were thrilled to be able to share a LIVE online broadcast of our 60-minute version of Shakespeare's Troilus & Cressida. We're so grateful to have been a part of the National Arts Centre/ Centre National des Arts #CanadaPerforms initiative, connecting audiences with Canadian artists across the country. This brave new world of live online theatre will never replace the magic we create together in the physical theatre, but it's exciting to be innovating a new form of story-telling that can help us connect with each other in these challenging times.

You can watch (or rewatch!) this and other performances on our website!


We want to connect with female-identifying artists and continue creating exciting opportunities throughout quarantine and social distancing times. Whether you're a performer, a designer, a composer, we want to celebrate you! If you're curious about how to get involved in our Classics Reclaimed series or have a classical-theatre idea of your own, we'd love to hear from you at [email redacted] 

The Tiger's Hearts Collective workshop performance of Troilus & Cressida, February 2020
Photo by BB Collective 

Why Classical Theatre...

There is no universal definition for "Classical Theatre". Different cultures have different performance styles, from dance to mask to poetry, that form the foundations for their theatrical traditions. In western culture, our theatrical traditions are rooted in Ancient Greek, Elizabethan, Jacobean theatre,  some would even consider more recent playwrights like Brecht and Chekhov to be "classical". This broad category is almost exclusively unified by a very simple common denominator- Gender.

Our traditions are built on a foundation of stories and creation methods that carry a lot of oppressive patriarchal and colonial baggage. This problematic foundation has encouraged many female artists to abandon the old in favour of new, more diverse, more inclusive stories. New works are revolutionizing the theatre medium and constantly working to shatter the glass ceiling, but it’s just as important to look back in order to move forward. By exploring existing works, we can rewrite our shared stories and so begin to undo thousands of years of narrative oppression that continues to haunt society’s perception of gender norms.

The Tiger's Hearts Collective  exists to confront our problematic theatrical origins and work towards reinventing and reclaiming these stories for everyone. It’s about rewriting our place in history, and reminding ourselves that women from all cultures and backgrounds are capable of exploring the wide range of human experiences. By revisiting classical works in this way, we can reinforce our agency to look, sound, and behave in any way that’s true to us and reclaim our right to participate in these stories which have shaped our world.

The Tiger's Hearts Collective workshop performance of Troilus & Cressida at Skirtsafire Festival , 2020
Photo by April MacDonald Killins,  picturing Iam Coulter

What Your Donations Can Do...

Hot off the heels of our fantastic workshop in February 2020, we were gathering momentum for the future of the Tiger's Hearts Collective.  We started this GoFundMe Campaign with the goal of building the financial foundation we need to establish the company as an entity and prepare for our inaugural full-scale production of Troilus & Cressida. Now, our need for your support has increased more than we thought was possible. 

No one knows how long artists will be out of work as we adjust to life within COVID-19 guidelines. All of our artists have lost meaningful contracts and vital second jobs, many of us have families to care for and increased childcare responsibilities. While our government systems are working to put relief efforts in place, the Tiger's Hearts remain committed to creating jobs for women in the arts, and right now those jobs have to be online.

All funds that were previously allocated for expenses involved in establishing the company will now be deferred directly to our artists. We're going to continue creating thoughtful, provocative, much-needed art from our new quarantine home studios, so stay tuned to our website to stay up to date with our online creation!

The Tiger's Hearts Collectiv e boasts an astonishing team of theatrical professionals- Actors, Directors, Fight Choreographers, Movement Choreographers, Intimacy Directors, Voice Coaches, Graphic Designers, Costume Designers, Writers, Photographers, and many more.  Almost 90% of our budget goes towards artist fees, so when you donate to Tiger's Hearts, you know that your financial contribution is going directly to the female-identifying artists creating the work.

Classical theatre typically requires a creative team that's four times the size of a modern production, so we have the capacity to create four times as many jobs for women in the arts. However, that also means our operating budget is four times higher than a typical company:

-Actor's Rehearsal Fees: Estimated at $750 per actor per rehearsal week (since a typical classical production requires 15 actors for a minimum of 3 weeks of rehearsal, total Actor Rehearsal Fees would be estimated at nearly $34 000 per production)

-Director's Fee: Estimated $1 300 per rehearsal week

-Stage Manager's Fee: Estimated at $1 000 per rehearsal week

-Fight Choreographer, Movement Choreographer, Intimacy Director's Fees: Estimated at $1 200 Each for 16 contact hours

Before any other production expenses like Venue & Tech Rental, Designer Fees, Costume & Set Materials, etc,  Artist Fees alone for a three-week rehearsal process are estimated at nearly $45 000.

In addition to rehearsals and performances and materials, a successful theatre company needs the support of an excellent production and administrative team. Countless hours are spent writing grants, balancing budgets, organizing schedules, arranging contracts, marketing shows, compiling programs, cultivating sponsorships, planning events, maintaining community outreach initiatives, etc. These production duties are invaluable, but are all too often unpaid or under paid. Your donation will help us maintain fair wages for our producers and administrators who do so much behind the scenes work. 

We keep a detailed record of our sponsors and supporters, so be sure to leave your name and get in touch if you would like to know exactly where your donation is going!

The Tiger's Hearts Collective workshop performance of Troilus & Cressida atSkirtsafire Festival , 2020
Photo by April MacDonald Killins,  picturing Laura Raboud

WIN House...

The old maxim "Art for Arts' Sake" is alive and well in the world of theatre. All too often, theatre is insular and inaccessible to anyone who doesn't already call themselves a theatre-maker or frequent theatre-goer.  Classical theatre and New Works alike often fall victim to this navel-gazing method of creation.The Tiger's Hearts Collective works to break this cycle by reminding ourselves that theatre is a tool and a platform. The stage is a place where we can explore our shared humanity, our traumas, our joys, and come together to experience healing and growth as a community. By partnering with WIN House, we hope to take that one step further.

WIN House  has been working in and around the Edmonton community for nearly fifty years. They are committed to helping women overcome domestic abuse; to make victims victorious. They provide women and their families with a safe place to flee, recover, and connect with the support they need. WIN House understands that recovery from domestic abuse is a journey and works to equip women with the tools they need to rebuild.

If you are in need of support, call their helpline 24/7 at 1-780-479-0058 or visit 

In partnering with WIN House, Tiger's Hearts hopes to support their work in the community by increasing awareness of the on-going epidemic of violence against women and by bringing their initiatives right into the theatre. Every Tiger's Hearts production will supply its audience with information on how to support WIN House, how to contact them, and how to access their many resources.  Because some of the material we explore on stage may be very affecting, every performance offers audience support by creating a "safe area" if you need to leave the performance for any reason. Select performances will offer one-on-one support with accredited WIN House Ambassadors for anyone who wants to talk, and every performance will be followed by an open group discussion where audiences can connect with the artists (as well as any WIN House representatives also in attendance) to talk about their experience.

As women working and creating together, we can do so much more than just make great theatre. We can revolutionize the way theatre is made and encourage conversation surrounding gender equality. We can make a real positive impact on the lives of women in our community by creating more jobs, by offering a platform for important issues, and by supporting each other in time of need. 

The Tiger's Hearts Collective workshop performance of Troilus & Cressida at Skirtsafire Festival, 2020
Photo byApril MacDonald Killins 

Check out our website at and Follow us on Facebook at Tiger's Hearts Collective for all the news, updates, photos and more!

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