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Tiffany goes to Thailand

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Hello, my name is Tiffany Turolla. 

A little about myself. I am 31 years old, wife to Lucas, and mother to Bella, Liam, and Guinevere. I the daughter of international itinerate ministers and authors, Michael and Cherrie Kaylor, who founded Kaylor Ministries and Kingdom Legacy College of Ministry. (

I grew up in the Christian church as a pastors daughter. Knowing from a young age I would continue in the work of my parents as Christian ministers and leaders to the nations I began my journey at the young age of 13. I began my dream as a worship leader in the church teaching myself how to play the guitar and piano along with singing in our church worship team. Having a heart to reach the nations I went on my first missions trip to Venezuela at the age of 14, again to Germany at 17, following to Brazil at 19 and 20 in which I was given the opportunities to lead worship, pray, serve and minister to the communities in each country. In the midst I became one of the head worship leaders at my church along with recording my first self released CD and touring a portion of the East Coast US. I have had the opportunity to lead worship for conferences such as Randy Clark/Global Awakening Voice of the Apostles, for David Herzog, Gary Oates, Jamie Galloway, Casa de Davi, and more. I have also attended several ministry schools including Kingdom Legacy College of Ministry, Neheimiah Ministry School, and Welton Academeny Supernatural Bible College. 

As of recent I have also Co-Founded The Hope Box, Inc. in Kennesaw, GA where we are developing a safe, no questions asked facility for women who find themselves unable or unwilling to care for their newborn babies the opportunity to hand over their newborn anonymously with comfort in knowing they will be placed into a loving adoptive family. Our goal is to educate our community on the issues of newborn abandonment, baby safe havens, and fight to end unsafe and illegal abandonment of newborns in the streets of our communities. You can learn more at

Now that you know a little of my background here is why I am currently raising funding.

I have accepted the invitation from Dr. Jonathan Welton, of Welton Academy Supernatural Bible School, to be apart of a 3 member international leadership ministry team to Chiang Mai, Thailand beginning February 12-22, 2016. The duration of the trip is 10 days that consists of assisting a local church that is hosting their anual minisionary retreat bringing missionaries from all over Asia in attendance. Our purpose is to bring truth of the word, release prophetic encouragement, to love and minister to these missionaries from around Asia in a time of rejuvenation and refreshing in the spirit of the Lord to inspire and uplift their hearts to continue in the astounding work and calling on their lives. 

As you may know Thailand is one of the worlds largest hub for sex-trafficking victims who live there lives under oppression and daily vicitimaztion. A large part of what we do at The Hope Box is fight against the commerically exploited girls and women in Georgia. I will have the opportunity to encourage these missionaries who deal with these victims in Asia and pour back into them a renewed heart to reach out to these victims and help restore their lives. 

As a missionary and minister it is vital to be able to take time away from your mission field to seek the Lord and allow yourself to be spiritually fed and restored in order to continue your work with a healthy and nurtured spirit. Our purpose is to assist in this processes with the Lord in refreshment and restoring, to fill their hearts with love so that they can return home and pour that love back into their communities.

If you are encouraged by the work we will be doing and feel like this is something you can contribute financailly towards, I am raising funds to cover the cost of my trip.

I would also like to encourage you keep our team and this conference in continued prayer coverage. I am a big believer in standing together as the body of Christ uplifting and encouraging each other in prayer and intercession. 

Thank you for you time to learn a little about myself and my upcoming adventure to Thailand.

Please note that 5% fee is taken from every donation from GoFundMe.


Tiffany Kaylor Turolla
Kennesaw, GA

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