Ticked Off By Lyme!

Ticked Off By Lyme!


“I’m only 32 and have a lot of saving the world to do, but first I need to save myself.  So I’m jumping WAY out of my comfort zone to ask for support!  I have advanced Lyme and several tick-borne co-infections, one of which is similar to malaria.  It has caused some serious diagnoses and started to shut down my pancreas and liver.  My doctor estimates my body is currently functioning at 5-10%.  Without treatment, my organs will continue to malfunction, and I could eventually die from complications.  Everyone who gives or shares is very literally saving my life.”


Sara needs to see a Lyme specialist, not covered by insurance.  Treatment is estimated to take about 18 months and total about $16,500 out of pocket.  Medical fees are $567/month and medication/supplements are currently $528/month. 

Sara is continuing to work full-time during treatment.  Her doctor said out of thousands of patients he has seen with Sara’s conditions, she’s remarkable in how well she has been functioning.  Most people at her level of physical dysfunction can’t work and need to stay in bed all day, every day.  Sara continues to work full-time, determined to beat this. 

She’s currently taking 26 pills per day to build up her immunity and regulate the systemic issues that have been impaired from the Lyme and co-infections.  Once her body is strengthened, her doctor will target the Lyme.  Otherwise, her doctor explained the Lyme will essentially activate through the nervous system to her brain, overwhelming her system. 


This GoFundMe is a way for Sara's support system, or anyone who is affected by Lyme or feels called to help, to be part of Sara’s healing from this terrible disease.  

Sara is an extremely kind and intelligent person who has a long history in helping others.  She has worked in the non-profit field for over 10 years, supporting people with developmental and physical disabilities.  She has a Master's in Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis in Coaching.  

Sara is a dear friend, soul sister and my roommate.  Over the past several months of living with Sara, I've seen first-hand how Lyme has affected her health and well-being.  Sara has a special gift for helping others, and we need her here in this world for the important and life-changing work she’s meant to do.

Get ticked off by Lyme and help us!
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