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Sunny Salutations All You Lovelights,

Gracie Toth here; nestled sweetly at the home base of Third Coast Herbal Collective in SE MI. Reflecting on what a long strange trip these past 30 years have been. Celebrating my quarantined birthday by casting these dream seeds and launching this campaign. Thank you kindly for stopping on by to see what all this here project entails.

For nearly ten years I have called Michigan home. Now more than ever, I am deeply motivated to be in service to the community. Dreams of a wellness center/workshop space on the land are coming to fruition. I am humbly asking for your help to accomplish this mission.

In efforts to raise funds for the yurt, please see below for a list of offerings. From pre-paid services (such as future massage or yoga classes) and/or immediate gratification in form of farm-to-bottle products, hand sanitizer, or hand sewn face masks shipped to you. This is structured in a way that you receive something in exchange for your sliding scale contributions. 

All yurts are cool, right? But locally made yurts handcrafted by your friend's family owned business, less than 30 minutes from you are the coolest... am I right? Big shout out to my dear friends Steve & Cindy, of Great Lakes Yurt Co. Who are equally passionate about the local SE MI community. Their small family owned business is graciously offering to help out my small family owned business (our daughters are bffs). First by allowing my to teach classes and massage in their own yurt. Now by working with me to provide a quality, locally hand made yurt at the lowest cost possible. Truly by funding this, you are directly helping out two small Michigan owned businesses -- and indirectly helping so many more through the countless healing arts offerings that will be held in this shared space.

^Gracie: teaching a donation based class on homegrown sprout @ Great Lakes Yurt Co 2020

This off grid, eco-friendly yurt will serve as a inclusive community wellness center to the local area. Third Coast Herbal Collective will use this co-creative facility as a headquarters. A communal space to host empowering educational events. Utilizing the communal space for accessible healing arts services and hands-on workshops. Featuring offerings such as donation based herbalism classes or sliding scale naturopathic consults. A relaxing place for professional therapeutic massage. A studio to practice yoga -- with a group, private class or all by yourself.  A nature encompassed getaway for travelers or overnight guests to the farm. When completed this will certainly be an oasis of solitude, where all are welcome.

In light of recent events, it feels strange and damn near outlandish to ask anything of my community right now. Due to Michigan's lockdown my local yoga studio (One Tribe Yoga in Brooklyn) had to close its doors and, unfortunately, will not be opening back up. A sad, untimely end to an era. I already miss teaching  classes and practicing massage there. During this time of isolation, Third Coast Herbal Collective seeks to build a space to gather in the future.

^massage table set up @ Great Lakes Yurt Co 2019

Forever grateful for this opportunity, thank you again for your interest and support. I hope to continue to serve my local community through regenerative herbalism and other countless healing modalities. Pictured at the top of page is the projected yurt site. When you come to class or stay overnight, this is the view and land that will be shared. At heart center of the 20 acre property and bordered on all sides by hundreds of private acres in addition a 770 State Game Area within walking or biking distance. Featuring beautiful, trails to walk or bike and lakes to paddle (no motors). Looking forward to welcoming you all to this little slice of heaven.

When Do I Need Funds By?
There is no date that this project "needs" to be funded by. Great Lakes Yurt Co. estimates approx 6 weeks turn around time from when a 50% deposit is received. In other words, $4000 will get the project rolling, the other 50% ($4000) will be needed upon delivery. Below is a breakdown of how money will be spent. The 10K goal is for the yurt and deck itself. There are additional costs and factors to consider as well. Which would ideally be funded, but also can be done at a later time as the community center grows. Depending on funds, we could have this yurt erected by July or August and start hosting small group or private events by late summer. (Of course, all events will be held in compliance to Michigan current mandate in regards to what size gatherings are permitted - etc).

How Will The Funds Be Used?
- 24 ft Yurt: 8K (brand new, made locally by Great Lakes Yurt Co)
- Wood Deck: 2k 

Additional Costs To Consider:
- solar power: 3K
- wood burning stove: 2K
- composting toilet/dream outhouse: $750
- furnishing, misc other needs: ???

^Yurt Inspo (

**In Exchange For Your Contribution & Kindness**
Each tier has a suggested sliding scale donation and a list of options from which you can choose from:

$0 : Simply Reading this Far 
- deepest gratitude for your interest and support. THANK YOU!
- whether you are able to financially contribute or not, may I wholeheartedly suggest sharing this fundraiser as an act of kindness and loving support.

$5 : Be a part of the Collective!
- become an official member of Third Coast Herbal Collective

$10-20 : Come To A Class
- drop into a future yoga class (Vinyls and Vinyasa)
- single workshop (Intro to Herbalism, Building a Home Apothecary, Sustainable Wildcrafting)
- kid friendly class (Little Foragers or Asana for All Ages)

$30-75 : Personal Yurt Experience
- rent the yurt for a day/overnight for a private getaway 
- custom one on one yoga class or small group workshop on subject of your choice
- children's birthday party with interactive foraging walk and make'n'take

$50+ : Plant Medicine Care Package
- this option is for folks who live further away but would like a taste of Michigan medicine.
- based on sliding scale contribution you will receive a personalized care package in the mail. Overflowing with gratitude and handcrafted, small batch folk remedies -- made right here on land, farm to bottle. 

$50+ : Sowing and Sewing
- sow seeds in your honor here on the farm. We will plant native wildflowers in your name here on the land.
- many of you know if I am a lifelong seamstress. During these unprecedented times this I have been either sowing seeds or sewing face masks. This option encourages public health outside this yurt setting. I will sew one mask for $10 donated and drop off to a shelter, hospital, or other place in need. If you would like them donated to a specific location, please note where.

$50-200 : Holistic Health Services
- one hour to 90 min long therapeutic massage
- iridology analysis: this service can be provided in person or virtually if an clear enough picture can be provided. Each iris assessment is client based, but all include: photo of your iris, multi-page assessment, 8 step personalized suggested protocol based on combined information.
- naturopathic consult: this includes an iris assessment as well as a comprehensive intake form filled out by client. Diving deeper into the 8 healing modalities from my traditional naturopathic training: herbalism, bodywork, energy work, hydrotherapy, nutrition, movement, rest, and education.  Each client will receive an in depth custom, suggested protocol based on compiled info. *As a traditional naturopath, I do not diagnose or treat diseases. Rather exploring imbalances within the body on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Than making suggested lifestyle changes on a client to client basis. Referrals will be made as needed. This service can be in person or online.

$300-900 : April Rain Apprenticeship
- A offering spanning several months, intended for folks who want to expand their knowledge of and hands on experience in regenerative herbalism. This is encouraged to be an in person experience, but willing to explore options for online apprenticeships for those unable to commute. Local members will be welcome on the farm. Learning co-creatively about the empowering practice of bioregional herbalism. Furthermore, this contribution will guarantee you(at least) one class based on subject(s) you choose. Apprentices will be given access to the full 20 acre property, steward the gardens, forage freely, learn how to identify, harvest and preserve, then make folk remedies, and even plant their own small medicine wheel on the property. In addition, they will be exposed countless, priceless resources -- people, books and beyond. This apprenticeship this is the type of future programs TCHC dreams of offering. We hope this is your dream too!! 

We have high hopes this dream will come to fruition. If life happens otherwise, any and all massages or yoga classes can be redeem IN A YURT @ Great Lakes Yurt Co. HQ in Grass Lake, MI. Thank you again from the bottom of my yurt loving heart. 

"Without love in a dream it will never come true." - Robert Hunter

*picture from that I saw back in 2018 (before meeting Steve & Cindy) When I first scrolled passed this picture, my yurt dream felt real and already knew these were my people. 

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    • $100 
    • 20 mos
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    • $20 
    • 21 mos
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    • $10 
    • 21 mos
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