Help us bring back "The Yard"

Our project is to build a live music venue that showcases local and regional musicians. If you have been following our journey from our first season in 2016, we went from the high success of 7th Street Market and the Yard to our unfortunate going out of business. Our closure was due to a few neighbors who did not want us there and by not having any support from our North Beach Town's Officials.  The owner, Aaron Warren, was penalized for not being apart of the "good old boys" system of North Beach's big business players and old time politics.   But, since the owner, a retired Lieutenant from the Prince George's County Police Department does not know what it means to quit or give up even under the terrible resistance he faced.   Aaron with the help of his supportive wife, Ana Warren,  identified a new location to move "The music venue concept" too.   However, with our new location identified, we meet resistance to our initial concept from the town.  Yet, by us not giving up again and the support both financially and emotionally from our great friends and our great customers that we affectionately call the "Yardies." With all of this continued support from the "Yardies," we were finally able to get our site plan approved.
          So with our site plan approval, we're are now prepared to get construction plans completed by a local architect. These construction plans will consist of our new concept which features a 1400 square foot indoor tap and tasting room which will showcase our exceptional local Maryland breweries, wineries, and distillers for novice and experienced enthusiasts.  It will serve as a gathering place to build relationships within our community while fostering an appreciation for locally crafted beer, wines, and spirits. The Yard will have a gathering place with an indoor and outdoor seating capacity of 108 people with an indoor and outdoor stage for our performers to entertain our locals and tourist that visit Chesapeake Beach and North Beach area.  

We have found a better location that is larger and surrounded more by commercial establishments. This is why we need your help.  We've already invested a lot of our own money in the old location to prove the concept can work, and we have purchased bar equipment, decorations, tables, and chairs.  However, we now need to build out the yard's indoor bar area, restrooms, and stage.  We need to get construction plans, T.V.s and a projector and screen, a VIP area, better sound video, and lighting equipment.  With your generous donation, you'll can -help us to be able to acquire the necessary equipment and supplies to rebuild "The Yard". The skilled labor needed to rebuild "The Yard" will be provided by one of our new business partners, Travis DonBullian with "TD Renovations" a Chesapeake Beach contractor. 

"The Yard" has been our dream, passion, and focus for over two years.  The idea of starting your own business and supporting your family is exciting but is also very scary. With that being said,  we're turning to our community for support in all ways. The more we discussed "The Yard's" reopening in our beach town, the more we realized it could actually happen again. If not for our community, family, friends, and supporters brought this realization back to light. They have been the driving force behind taking the reins and moving "The Yard" forward. This business venture isn't all about us and our vision of success, it is about our community. Living here for over 20 years, we always had to travel to neighboring towns for good entertainment and local live music. We want our town to be the focus of entertainment and live music, like those other towns and communities.  We want to help keep the revitalization of our beach town moving full steam ahead. With the high success of last year's first season, we feel we will be a great asset to our community by putting money right back where we are from while attracting others from those other towns we have patronized for so long. We hope we can be an inspiration for many other entrepreneurs in our community to begin working toward their dream!

Risks & Challenges

As with any startup, there are risks involved. This large capital intensive investment.  There are many possible delays in our build out such as stalled licensing, permitting and unforeseen build out costs. Delays will be a challenge, Your Yard owners all work hard at other full-time jobs to support our families and have been working towards this dream every spare minute we have.  We have set a tentative timeline for opening for early 2018.  but know that setbacks can delay this. We have a great group of people standing behind us encouraging us and ensuring us we're on track with our vision. We know it won't be easy, but that's why we wanted to start this venture in the first place.  We will keep all who have generously donated updated on our progress.

Another option for helping: 
Bring or mail a check made out to “The Yard c/o Aaron Warren to:

Aaron Warren
8709 C Street
Chesapeake Beach, MD. 20732

Aaron will get the funds immediately and there will be no platform or transaction fees.


You can send donation using Venmo: @Aaron-warren-22

Other Ways You Can Help

We know that not all folks have the ability to help monetarily and that's okay!

 There are other ways that you can contribute to the startup of The Yard at North Beach.

Make some noise, and share this page by word of mouth!

Share this page on all forms of social media. The more people we can reach, the greater chance we have of reaching our goal. GoFundMe has share tools to help you!

Share our Facebook page with your friends, the more people we can get following us, the greater chance for success we will have.

If you can't or don't want to donate monetarily but still want to help, we can always use a helping hand at the space with our continuing renovations. We will be calling on volunteers to help with the rebuild and decorating of our new space.  We will be looking for donations of outdoor fixtures and the like and as always we will provide drinks and music for you. 

Visit us once we open! We will be happy to share a drink with you, and listen to great music or simply a big hug for taking the time to check out all of our hard work!

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