The Source Oracle Deck

Have you ever used a Tarot Deck or an Oracle Deck to connect to the inner wisdom within you or get some feedback from a Higher Wisdom? To answer an important question or get some direction on what path to choose? Have you ever consciously used the Law of Attraction to connect with the reality you desire? Ever been curious as to what this, "Law of Attraction thing," is really about? Any Tarot or Oracle deck is an excellent tool to use to find out!

I am Kelley Naylor Wise, Fine Artist and Art Jeweler. I am very committed and passionate about every single person on this planet creating their own powerful alignment and connection to who they really are. I want everyone to have the remarkable life and joyful magical experiences they desire for themselves. Above all, I really want everyone to believe that they CAN.

I am creating a visually stunning, original 42 card oracle deck using my own fine art paintings to support that vision. After 30+ years of consciously practicing my own connection to Universal Source energy, as well as teaching others, I have refined and chosen 42 connections to 42 different energetic pathways that cover the roots of any causality in life. They will be illustrated by amazing images that come through me directly from Source. My work is considered "Energetic Impressionism." I make paintings of energy and how it looks as it moves through time and space with color, sculptural texture and several different paint mediums. Though the magnificent digital magic of Arkansas photographer Jim Pafford, the images will take on a whole new life.

These cards are being designed to allow greater access to the Source of All, and YOU are part of it. A portal, if you will, so that your inner wisdom and the wisdom of Source (by whatever name or however you personally connect with the All, Guides, Angels, God, Truth, Peace, Gods, Ancestors, Spirit, I AM, Multidimensional Self, Soul, etc.) can flow more easily to your aware conscious mind and be used with powerful purpose in life by you, or for one you are serving with a reading.

The cards are being designed to effortlessly remove blocks or resistance you may be unconsciously practicing to get to the heart of questions, desires and dreams, or matters that concern you. After all, you are asking, so Source is always answering. A no-nonsense link of alignment can be established through this tool. They will be culturally and religiously non-specific, use non-traditional imagery, and are being created for EVERYONE, from any background or level of practiced intuitive skill. You don't have to know about the Law of Attraction or have even ever used a deck! Your connection and interpretation of Source or Spirit is already uniquely your own. These cards are creating a space for those energetic connections to flow to you. Source already lovingly knows who You really are. If you are attracted to this project, it's time you did, too.

Please help me make this dream a reality, right here, this year, so that it may benefit and bring sustainable joy, love, confidence, clarity and peace to All and anyone who wishes to use it. If you think it's time to have the life you really want, this tool can help you create and have it by your own power, by your own hand/mind/heart and on your own terms.


-Estimated Printing costs (Square decks and booklets, boxes) for the
  1st Edition 1000pcs, so as to keep the original cost low for buyers:
-Professional photographer, the very talented, Mr. Jim Pafford: $4350
-General Marketing, Online Marketing and Fees: $600
-Copyrighting and Trademarking: $450
-Canvas, paint and supplies for 42 works of Fine Art: $5400 ($128.50 per work of art in materials)
                 * each original work will be done on a 2ftx2ft quality gallery
                    wrapped canvas - this does not include paying myself for the
                    time it takes to make one...I would normally charge $650-700
                    per piece outside of a gallery
-Incentives costs for shipping and production: $1200
-Graphic Production costs: $2500
-Travel to at least TWO targeted marketing events, including publicity:

TOTAL ESTIMATE of: $30,000 
++++My goal is to have these complete and available for distribution by December, 2018++++

I will be doing most of the layout, graphic and digital work myself to cut costs where I can while maintaining a professional looking product, so time is of the essence. These are very unique cards, as they will be 4'x4' square, not the traditional tarot size. I get to write a BOOK, too! It's so exciting. I have seven years professional experience in color layout and literary production, so I am confident in my skill in this area. I also have two people on my creative team with layout, editing and marketing expertise, and will for a discounted (gratitude!) fee help refine the final product before it goes public. I will be documenting all the fun as we roll along, so it will be hysterical to share with you all the gag-reels as this vision happens!

I travel all over the country several times every month with my art and one-of-a-kind fine jewelry. I have a huge production schedule and I am so very grateful to have the best "job" in the world; I have used what is in these cards, you see. I make a living and pay my bills and my mortgage and eat with my art and doing what I love. My life didn't always look this way, quite the opposite, actually. I want to share what I have learned. 

Thankfully, no one is an island. Each of us are all connected and part of each other and this amazing, beautiful, creative existence! I also have a fantastically talented husband who is utterly supportive of my crazy artist's ways and empowers me to be authentic and trust. I have two dog children and a kitten child who always remind me to love unconditionally, to play a lot, remember the finer points of naps, and not take life too seriously. My beautiful sister friends are some of the most powerful, talented and lovingly generous Amazons on the planet. My brother friends are honorable and true stand-up Men who make a difference. The support and guidance and humor and faith we all share is a marvel. You will get to meet them in some of the videos and pictures. I am grateful for so much every day. It would be wonderful if you would come join this community of loving, goofy and wise Beings!

I hope you take advantage of the very special VIP incentives I have created just for you. I look forward to getting to know you and connect with you personally. 

That painting up in the banner photo? That is the VERY FIRST card created. It's called "Source Portal" and it was the first contribution incentive painted for Andrea Austin and Bill Little of Clearly Conscious in Canada. The project has already begun...

I will be posting videos, pictures, schedules and silliness regularly so you can come along with me and see what magic your generosity is creating. I lovingly thank you from the All that I Am for your contribution to such a worthy project. Because of your kindness and belief everybody wins! If no one has thanked or recognized you lately, THANK YOU for being You. Every choice of Love you make every day impacts every single thing. Believe it. I am honored I get to co-create with you!

I wish for you happiness beyond your wildest imagining.


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Kelley Naylor Wise 
Hot Springs National Park, AR

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