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As a young child, I began having spontaneous memories of other lives, on other worlds and in other realms.  Later in life, I was "contacted" and the knowledges that would lead to this book were awakened in me.

My Story:

My name is Paige Bartholomew. I'm a 47-year-old mom, wife, a liscened psychotherapist, a Sufi Master Teacher and a writer.  Since I was a child I was able to reach into other realms and grasp nuggets of Universal Truth out of thin air.  I remember things from before my birth, that others seemed to have no memory of.  I was in my early 20s before I realized this was uncommon.  It was a revelation to me. 

Throughout my life, I struggled with my heath, my heart, my relationships, and generally just being on this planet and in a body.  One day, I learned that there's a name for my kind.  I am an EMPATH.  (Click link to learn more about what an empath is.)  If you are interested in a book like mine, you might be an Empath, too.

Once I figured out that I was wired differently than most people, my life became a WHOLE LOT easier to understand.  The reason I am the way I am became clearer.  I realized that the feelings, personality and gifts I have are signs and symptoms of my soul level.  

I finally understood that the problems in my relationships were caused because of a massive disconnect between me and so many of the people I loved.  We simply weren't speaking the same language.  I needed to understand more about these soul levels and how they were affecting my life and relationships.

29 years ago, I dove into my spiritual path.  I read every self-help and spiritual book I could get my hands on.  I became a regular meditator, worked with healers, therapists and gurus of all sorts on a regular basis, and I dedicated my life to learning who I am through the eyes of the Great Divine.

Over the course of years of deep study on the Sufi Path and the experience of countless transcendent experiences including many "contact" experiences, a big picture began to emerge.  You could say that I started REMEMBERING huge blocks of knowledge from many past lifetimes - lives lived both on planet Earth and elsewhere. 

About The Book:


My first book - The Soul Map, is the culmination and the continuation of my remembering process.  It is a complete account of all the ancient knowledges that have been revealed to me.

CLICK HERE to read EXCERPTS from the book!

The Soul Map is a book which will give you a simple OUTLINE for your soul's holy journey through creation. We
begin with your cosmic birth, describing the 'Big Bang" on a spiritual level.  We then move on to explore in-depth descriptions of all 7 densities in full detail, plus everything I know about the current state of our dear planet Earth, The Great Shift, and so much more.

Reading this book will help YOU remember your latent soul memories, still sleeping within you. You'll be able to discern your current spiritual station.   Through my heart and my transmission on these pages, you'll experience peak tastes of what's to come in the future, for you and for humanity. You'll learn why it's important to have a basic understanding of your own spiritual station, and the spiritual stations of your mate, your family and your friends. (Here's a hint: big problems occur in relationships when we hold differing spiritual levels.)

You'll learn what to look for in a mate so that you can have a peaceful, workable, healthy relationship, full of like-minded goals, deep love, communication that works, and satisfying connection.


First Density is your first stop in physical reality.  It's where your soul learns how to exist in a physical form.

In Second Density your soul learns how to connect with others.  You'll use instinct and emotion as the primary mode for understanding yourself and your world.

Third Density is Earth's current residence.  It's the level where your soul is learning who YOU are.  You're becomming autonomous.  You're learning to take care of yourself, set boundaries, get your needs met, heal old patterns and hurts, and focus on YOU.  Intellect is the primary mode of understanding the world around you.

Fourth Density is the bridge between the lower the upper worlds.  Here is where your soul will learn perfect love and forgiveness.  You'll learn that your brother is just as important as you are - no more, and no less.  You'll learn that if everyone's needs aren't met, no one can be truly happy.  Your heart is the primary mode of understanding yourself and others.  (Humanity is beginning to shift into fourth density now!)

Fifth Density is the first of the upper worlds of light.  Here is where you'll recieve your light body.  For the first time, your soul can access TRUE wisdom.  Love + Wisdom will bring you to a place of understanding reality in a way that at this time in humanity's evolution, most can glimpse only in deep prayer or meditation.  Your Higher Mind will be the primary mode for understanding yourself and all of Creation.

In Sixth Density your soul will merge with other souls to live in completed Unity.  This is a world quite unlike 3D Earth.  Divine Mind is activated at this level, as all the minds, in all of creation work as One - in pure love and bliss.

Seventh Density is the gateway to All That Is.  It is the last stop in the created world before your soul returns back to where it began: The Divine Eternal Now.

Earth currently resides in Third Density.  We're on the cusp pf making the Great Shift to Fourth Density any minute now.   You need to know what that entails. This book is the most exhaustive, single, written source outlining Human Soul Evolution and the Great Shift on the market. The book offers meditations and suggestions geared to help make your transition easier, so you can cultivate a full conscious understanding of what's going on.

As you read, the book may act as a "trigger" for your own memories.  You may recognize aspects of the higher worlds of light.  You may have memories of your own lifetimes in other realms.  You may feel these places are more like "home" than this 3D earth.  If this is your experience, you might be a volunteer soul, come to help humanity through the shift.  The Soul Map will help you discern whether you are a star-soul, and what that means for your purpose on Earth.

CLICK HERE to read EXCERPTS from the book!

I am so excited to bring this book to you!  It's been 25 years in the making, so I think you'll find it RIPE and full of new ideas, brimming with inspiration, ready to nudge you on to your next steps of your own enlightenment.  I've worked hard to create a work that's easy to read easy to understand, and which deeply feeds the soul at the same time.  I really, really think you will love it. 

My request is for your donation to help make the publication of this book possible.   All of my services have always been Pay-What-You-Can, and this process will be no different.  Whether you can donate $15 or $150, your gift will help bring this knowledge to the world!  I will pray over every dollar, asking the Universe to bless your finances abundantly.  Thank you for your generosity!

Love, Paige
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