Thermal Camera Drone

I have been volunteering for Dog Search & Rescue using my drone to help the searches as it can cover a much wider area, and a lot quicker, than on foot.

I have had many successful searches resulting in reuniting the dog with the owner.

Using a thermal drone has huge advantages of being able to 'see' during the day and at night and as we all know most lost dogs tend to rest up during the day coming out at night to search for food etc.

There are many videos on YouTube showing the difference it will make, here is a link to a search for a person in the woods using a thermal drone just to show the capabilities. The height was 300 metres, I mainly don't have to fly any higher than 80 metres so you can imagine how much clearer it would be. -

Fortunately I am now able to get back into work again, as an entertainer I haven't worked since March 2020, so every penny I get after paying the bills etc I will be putting towards this drone.

I have also been extremely fortunate in that a local Dog Rescue financed this drone so I could use it immediately, and so far has found three dogs since the beginning of July, however I do have to pay them back.

The total cost was £3800, I have put £1100 towards it already, leaving £2700 to raise with this fundraiser and any spare money I get.

I can't begin to count how many pets are going to benefit from this, so a small donation now is all that is required to head towards the total goal and hopefully put this drone to work as soon as possible.

Your donation will really make a difference. Once the target has been reached and the Thermal Drone paid for, you can feel proud that you will be helping in the search for all future missing dogs.

Please help 2021 to be the year of many more successful searches.

The Drone Search Service website is - 

The Drone Search Service FaceBook page is -

There is now a Facebook Group for the Drone Search Service which you are welcome to join and able to post (unlike the page) -

I also have a radio station with missing dog announcements, interviews & discussions -

Facebook page -

There is now a Facebook Group for Woof Radio which you are welcome to join and able to post (unlike the page) -
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