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  Peace & Unity Family, Thank you for checking out my video below. For testimonies, stories and community impact, please check out our public Facebook page at . Your donation of any amount will sow into a business dedicated to restoring a community deserving of healing -The Black Community.  Because traditional businesses just don't like to finance organizations that protect against injustices unique to black people, progressive fundraising has become mandatory in order to continue the work on behalf of black schoolchildren and families. Every dollar no matter the amount will be received with humble gratitude.  Your on and offline donations can help MEracle transform the delivery of education that will empower and unify learners to solve global problems on a level playing field!  We also accept CashApp donations directly and regularly at $ElnoraGavin. We a ppreciate one time donations as well as weekly, monthly or yearly donations as well. Well, it is 2019 and Racism is still a thing in America and it will not go away on its own. Click Here to Examine the Stats I’d like to change these stats by helping to share the black story globally with  #TheMEracleEffect. MEracle Family Publishers is an emerging leader in racial equity and healing through the power of storytelling. Support this movement and your energies will yield positive results! Imagine police officers, employment specialists, loan officers, teachers, customers and lawmakers able to encounter a black face without racial stereotypes overpowering their interactions. Imagine the black community able to interact with each other without false imagery draining the possibilities of self-love, conflict resolution, and significant progress. Imagine a world that properly defines race, that explores our true connection as people, that addresses the mental health issues that were passed on to black children from generational slavery, that celebrates the ancient intellectual contributions from people of African descent. Imagine living in a country that sees everyone’s true value and connection to humanity.  In order to achieve racial equity, the black story has to be told in mass and narrated in Truth. As an educator, I have found that schools are not required to help affirm the heritage of black children. With few exceptions, many black contributions are left out of school curriculums. Thousands of hours of media either exclude black issues or distort the human story behind the black story.  If a black child does not see herself in a positive light, what will she think of herself as a black woman? If the country does not see black boys in a positive light, what will they think of black men? If black people do not have the opportunity to understand their scars, how will they heal? I blame no one person, but I accept full responsibility for helping to change the way the world sees us. I am especially driven to help change the way we see ourselves.   I found that in order to finally heal from the scars of racism, and live a life of abundance rather than greed and scarcity, Americans will need access to a signature framework that will empower black people to unite and reclaim dignity under the umbrella of self awareness, inner peace  and love. This message  must be delivered in multiple formats by an organization that helps others to become financially free, purpose driven and fearless. MEracle Family Publishers is here to lay the foundation for such a mass communication style. MEracle will give context to black stories in a way that will inspire the world to experience complete and total empathy for all. The compounded effect of this strategic messaging will be known as #TheMEracleEffect. As MEracle establishes itself as an authority in media, black people will be able to rid themselves of stigmas that draw sympathy, disdain, and blame from all races. My company will produce strategic:  -media/publications, -products -marketing campaigns, -educational tools -training modules and -business development opportunities for children   and adults  that will infiltrate the chains of systemic racism and empower people to experience healing and abundance by identifying the true miracle that manifests from within. Racism is a psychological war that claims no winners. Equity is the win-win solution that requires love and wisdom. If you simply would like to pick up a book, greeting card or turn the channel to a station that transforms the way you and your little ones see yourselves, invest and share in MEracle. Maybe like me, you are tired of the unfair imaging of blacks in the media. If you are interested in supporting an organization dedicated to re-imaging media for the purposes of achieving true racial equity, join our revolution. With your help, we can witness a positive revolution that WILL be televised! The Deliverables The MEracle business structure is designed to help an economically deprived community gain financial independence. Our active efforts include: PEACE4Life Project - A program that connects with community partners to promote peace, student advocacy, business skills, literacy, and self-awareness within disinvested communities. Projects include Community Peace Walks, BIAMA Healing Stories Book Club, Soldiers of Peace Awards Show, Peace4Life Youth Ambassador teen advocacy training, equity training, social media activism support and more. Check out our facebook page at  Student programs may receive nonprofit donations directly by submitting payments to the school in which a Peace4Life student organization has been established. . Peac4Life Spelling Beat Awards Competition(TM) - an exciting spelling and vocabulary contest that would have Akeelah jumping for joy! This event slated for August 2020 will include student advocacy, poetry slam, advanced grade level vocabulary competition, BIAMA awards and more! - Timey and Friend, Amya Tells The Truth: a children's book series that builds character with a magical superhero car(Translated in English/Spanish/Swahili) - Timey toys, gifts, animations, musicals and greeting cards Other magical children's characters/stories will include: Uncle Buzz(TM): magical clippers that soothe little boys in the barber chair by telling them stories of great men in history. Aunt Feelus(TM): a magical hairdryer that talks to impatient girls under the dryer about self love and great women in history. Seven Saves the Day(TM): a series about a heroic little boy with super heart healing and speed reading powers who fights for justice and peace in his community. A is for Africa: Alphabet book series - Black Love Talk Radio(TM): an Internet talk radio show that will cover life, politics in simple terms, relationships, comedy and the arts. -When a Black Queen Speaks - a *Lyrical Bio(TM) that sheds light on the effects of Post Traumatic Slave Disorder as the author overcomes major depression.              - a play entitled Benton Harlem, and other cultural                 events surrounding this body of work. (*The Lyrical Bio is a unique brand of book with  poetic style  entries that give context to the writer's life experience) - From the Outhouse to the Courthouse - a biography that explores the tumultuos life of a black father who pulled himself out of the trappings of poverty to put himself through law school while caring for his troubled young daughters grappling with the loss of their mother to bipolar depression. How did he make it as a single father, find love and eventually raise his sons to become men? This book will examine his heroic story of love and identify the specific habits this brave man maintained to overcome all of the attacks on his health, freedom, career and love relationships.        -This book will inspire a motion picture. -AWAL written by Thomel Green at age 15 - a *F.A.T. Book(TM) ,that details the effects of broken families and rape as a young black family struggles to keep it together after trials infultrate their happy home. (*F.A.T. = From A Teen brand, written for teens by teens) BIAMA(TM) - Black Independent Authors Movement Alliance is dedicated to the economic advancement of black published and aspiring authors. Your investments will finance small black-owned businesses, book publications, plays, internet content, animations, software development and more.

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