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My name is Ramel Wallace and I was born and raised in San Diego California I am an artist, a speaker and a business owner. My great grandmother had a house in Barrio Logan in the 60's so my mother grew up in the neighborhood. By chance my father ended up living in the same house on Julian and Sampson as a young adult. I remember playing in the front yard. Barrio Logan is a part of my family lineage and it feels very special to be here as I become an adult. 

Forward to now, Barrio Logan is where I have been running my business since 2014 (a creative space called thChrch) since 2014. At the same time I started The Holyfield a record label that could capture the culture of my city and experience. San Diego is abundent in talent and I wanted to find a way to mix the music with education, art & technology. Looking back on my facebook memories it was July 1st 2014 when we opened our doors to the public. 3 years later In 2017 I am in a critical decision making point. In order to maintain The Holyfield in the space at 2185 Logan Avenue. I must make a leap of faith and put a full time commitment to my dream of running The Holyfield (Holyfield Recording) out of 2185 Logan avenue. Moments of clarity have continued to happen that remind me that this is my destiny in life. For example being suspended from my job in the same week that I thought of quiting. But I guest I think about quiting my day job everyday. 

2185 Logan Avenue has been a vital member to the Arts and Entertainment culture of Barrio Logan San Diego and in the summer of 2017 there will be a new emphasize on The Holyfield (Holyfield Recording), The Holyfield is a recording studio and a creative space for co working in Barrio Logan, CA located at 2185 Logan Avenue. We are a community based organization that focuses on music and empowerment artistically, spiritually and hands on. We have facilitated memorable arts exhibitions and ushered in a new generation of creatives from all across Southern California.
The label has been a pillared in the community when it comes to leaders and and with a little financial backing we can take that production to another level. With a budget of $0 we have Distributed 2 projects ( Aloe Vera & Kali) worldwide available for streaming on Spotfiy, itunes, and many other disributors. These projects have influenced and continue to enhance the artistry of Barrio Logan and the community built online, in San Diego and around the world. We pledge to continue to create and feed the public with our music at The Holyfield. The money will go to the first months rent and the security deposit, renovations and marketing. You will see immediate results when donations come in. The results will be show in the upholding of The Holyfield (Holyfield Recording) located at 2185 Logan Avenue. this will allow for more creation of content and collaboration with the community. This will come in the shape of music, workshops, video, culture, outreach and art. We can continue to capture the heart and the people of the communty in the form of music.

First Months rent and Security Deposit: $1300

Renovations: $1600
(Seating, Painting, Music Equipment/software)

Marketing/Promotion: $1000
(publicity, advertising, distrubition)

Dream Goals/Honorable Mentions:

Production and Engineer Staff: $30,000 

Microphones: $800

Website: $350

Monitors: $500

Mixers: $100

Audio Interfaces: $1,000

Cables: $600

Recording Programs: $800

Sound Proofing: $400

For more information on Ramel Wallace and his ideas watch this video directed by Benjamin Huerta
  • Nick Lesley 
    • $10 
    • 56 mos
  • Rhonda Hatcher-Malone  
    • $10 
    • 56 mos
  • Carlee Campbell 
    • $30 
    • 57 mos
  • Nathan Purcell 
    • $400 
    • 57 mos
  • Mary Tuton 
    • $10 
    • 57 mos
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Ramel J. Wallace 
San Diego, CA