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Gullah Geechee C.W, Skeeta  two regular street thugs and their sister Divine are forced into a Spiritual War  to save the world when they find out their bloodline is on a Illuminati hit list , thus forcing them  to search out their family  history and the hidden powers they are suppose to have. Buying Choices: Chronicles of the Black Rose of Kush: 7 Golden Queens, Part 1
by Ras Lazarus AzarEL Nazari

Dear Prospective Investor,   
My name is Ras Lazarus Nazari, I am Executive Producer/ Author of The Black Rose of Kush and I present to you an opportunity to be an investor in a film with purpose, a film that protects the Geechee/Gullah Secret Fire Stories from being lost to future generations.

You are being asked to invest in preserving a history and creating a vision of healing. This is a film of purpose and meaning. It is being produced by and with LMG Production and  Director/script writer Dushawn Bulloch. The name of the film is The Black Rose of Kush: 7 Golden Queens by  Ras Lazarus Nazari Imoye.

Your investment in this project is an investment in our future and the future of youth. Our complete project includes books , feature films, and a community outreach program to Heal our Communities of the ills that plague us today. Support healing by becoming an investor in this project.
Please review the production bible/guide and direct any questions to our executive producers

[email redacted]


LMG Productions.

“The best crew means the best production.”    

Ras Lazarus Nazari


The people who will make this a successful production and make this  a very lucrative venture are first and foremost the LMG Production Crew, Director/Scriptwriter Shawn L. Bulloch, and our Executive branch including Executive Producer Gwendolyn Jackson of LeTay Publishing and LMG Productions, Marketing Director Nix Prophet of Supreme Sovereign and Executive Producer/ Author Ras Lazarus Nazari, a 8 year veteran in professional photography and videography with D&D Media, Sandfly Entertainment and Black Messiahs Inc.  

Ras Lazarus Nazari is  author of the book Varsity Club with LeTay Publishing, also he has published  three more books under the current title of the film called THE BLACK ROSE OF KUSH: 7 GOLDEN QUEENS PART 1-3.

We are a  team structured of experienced professionals  in organizing and completing a production. We have a combined unit of four commercial forces with each possessing a technical expertise  and customer support from their given market giving us  marketing advantage.

Our storyline is one that inspires us all for it is a lesson of LOVE, LIFE, LIGHT, LIBERATION. A seed of thought that we all give our life to preserve for the generations to come, therefore as you agree. It’s a story that has purpose, purpose has Destiny. So this amazing Crew of Professionals have come together with a vision and a dedication to the vision that has allowed the blessing of deferred contract working and some pro bono/donation works.  

Therefore we have partnered in this with the non-profit Savannah Youth City, Inc. who targets youth ages 13-24, by directly responding to the growing number of young people that have fallen through the cracks. The organizations acts as a network hub (nerve center) for opportunities and supports youth advancement. Our partnership entails giving some of youth technical experience by working with the film crews as well as acting opportunities. But this is not to hinder the business of production. We are using this to push the participation of the youth into writing programs and other technical trades.

The goal of the program is to identify youth who have had a turbulent transition by offering  support systems that redirect the pitfalls that have derailed their lives. The focus is slightly different with each youth but the ultimate goal remains the same: Empower the young person to make positive changes and BREAK THE CYCLE! We will take a group of 10 to 25 people from the Ignite (SYC) program and allow them to choose where they would like to train in the film productions. They can participate for technical or acting ability. They are pushed to help each other learn their technical or creative ability so that as a group they will produce a short film speaking on the change they want to happen in the world. In align with this our music composer Brav Divi the artist  will also do monthly special character build program in which he teaches the participants to mix and compose music as he paints with music. This is apart of the Black Messiahs of Savannah’s healing program.
We are introducing to the world  new Urban Healing technics through Films and Music.

Black Messiahs of Savannah, Inc. is a Spiritual Association and Trust which operates several business enterprises and a Cultural Temple to resurrect/ re-empower the Indigenous Culture. Its goal is to create a Viable Cultural Movement and Educational System to bring solutions to the Social, Spiritual, and Physical ills that affect the Black, African, and Indigenous community.

Savannah Youth City, Inc. and the Black Messiahs of Savannah, Inc have entered a partnership to raise the vibrational energy of the community via media through supporting the marketing and production of this film. There is more than enough research to show that television and radio have a great influence on the minds of our youth and adults. Therefore with this knowledge and the research of Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary ,Michelle Alexander, and Matthew Cooke on the true impact of post slavery  trauma. Thus based on the mental trauma being generationally handed down we built this film concept upon old Geechee Indigenous African traditions where the child must learn the (underdog) feeling of less self worth  comes from not really knowing the Knowledge of Self . This form of Rites of Passage stories restores and heals the natural hero in them. Yes our communities need healing and heroes  not one but many for the problem is great.

Yes we are a group that believes there is a Hero in everyone and we set sail on this venture to produce films that raise this Healing in all.

In old Indigenous American traditions and African traditions the spiritual connection to all things and all people created characters of high moral standards that created great civilizations and produced great minds.

This is the traditions, our heritage we must restore to bring healing to  our communities. So in this film series The Black Rose of Kush: 7 Golden Queens Part 1-4, a group of underdogs yes Thugs are faced with realizing their life has a greater purpose than they thought but first they must learn who they are so that they find Love with in  truth again giving life to this light that leads them to a mental, physical and spiritual liberation from the pains and chains of ignorance that had created the blind , deaf and dumb Thug. This story is a THUG redemption…….Help us reshape our children perception of life by creating their THUG into a true HERO. This we will do with this strategic marketing plan  and with your assistance we can set in place to create a new mind set by 2019….yes in two years we can change the view of life!  Giving our youth the breath of hope. Know Thyself then you can find balance in the World!


Ras Lazarus Nazari

[email redacted]

℅ Film Dept.

Savannah Youth Center

Beverly Trotter

Organizer and beneficiary

Ras Lazarus Nazari
Savannah, GA
Najah Abdullah

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