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Updated October 1, 2020

My name is Starfire Tor. Welcome to my crowdfunding page for my book "The Time Shift Effect: Revealing The Holy Grail Of Hidden And Forbidden Knowledge". I want you to know who I am, what my book is all about, what my book can mean mean to you, and what I need to taking my book from unfinished to published.

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I am the scientist and researcher who discovered Time Shifts, Time Line Edits, The Core Matrix, Co-Existing Time Lines, the workings of Time Travel, the true origin of the Universe, and The Dark Matter Aberration – which is the source of all evil. I also discovered The Unified Field Theory of Psi, which is the foundation science that explains everything paranormal, psychic, and how and why we dream. All of these discoveries are connected, they are the source of all human experience, and together they comprise the Holy Grail of the hidden and forbidden knowledge of the Cosmos. I also have a good track record with my publicly documented precognition hits, through which I can psi-see - aka view with my psychic abilities - past, current, and future events.

Millions of people have watched me on various TV shows, listened to my interviews on radio, watched my interviews on streaming net, read my magazine articles, read about me in a number of books, enjoyed the unique information on my website, followed my reports on social media, and participated in successful local and global missions based on my unique Core Matrix based psi protocols. Through these avenues, my exclusive information and teachings have reached a worldwide audience.

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This fundraiser began on a very grim note. Something terrible happened to me, and I had very little time left to live. I was sent home from the hospital to die. I needed around the clock nurses, which insurance did not cover. Helping, with these medical bills, is what the fundraiser was originally about. After months of lingering agony, in my slide toward death, I experienced a miracle. This is why I am alive and recovered from that ordeal – going on five years. I am alive today because of a miracle Angelic Healing, the Prayers of thousands of well-wishers and energy workers around the world, and my own personal Reality Shift Healing work. I was literally on my death bed, when my fate changed.
That is why, the original fundraiser’s purpose, has transformed from my hospital death watch medical needs into a joyous celebration of healing and life. This includes, being able to work on my book"The Time Shift Effect : Revealing The Holy Grail Of Hidden And Forbidden Knowledge", which some later donations went toward.  I will keep my promises, in that regard. I am so thankful, to those who made donations to the earlier fundraising missions. Your efforts are still visible on this page, and will remain so as part of the story of my healing – and your faith in the value of my work and my life.

 As a scientist, pioneering discoverer, researcher, experiencer, and scholar - as well as having years of experience as a writer and personality on many TV and radio shows - I am able to do interviews like no one else can. In reference to the above "Starfire Radio" poster, here is a more complete list of the exciting and essential topics that I will be covering on "Starfire Radio". 

Time Shifts, The Core Matrix, Co-Existing Time Lines, Time Line Edits and Reboots,  The Dark Matter Aberration, Black Holes, Time Slips, The Origin of the Universe,  Human Origins, Time Travel, Missing Time, The Unified Field Theory of Psi, the Soul,  The Dreaming Brain, Sleep Paralysis, Psychic Dreaming, Precognition, Psychic Events,  Psychic Protection, Astral Travel, Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences,  Divination,  Prophecy, Sacred Sites, Energy Vampires, Meditation, Miracles, UFOs, Extraterrestrials,  Alien Abduction, Brainwashing, Mind Control, Prayer, Hauntings,  the Supernatural, Paranormal Investigations, Poltergeists, Possession, Attachments,  Walk-Ins, Spirits, Ghosts, Shadow People, Channeling, Seances, Spirit Boards, Magic,  Sorcery,  Warriors Of Light, Folklore, Myth, Fairies, Elementals, Angels, Demons,  Life After Death, The Time Shift Living Dead, Reality Shift Manifestation, Reality Shift Healing, Astral Tagging, Enigmas, Occultism, Extra Sensory Perception, Telepathy, Crop Circles, Fate, Forbidden Science, Forbidden History, Scientific Discoveries, Secret Societies,  Chemtrails, Weather Modification, Levitation, Vortex Portals, Cryptids, Sasquatch,  Loch Ness, Legendary Creatures, Missing People, Vanished Places, Out of Place and Time Objects, Hoaxes, Conspiracy Theories, and more.

My guests will be the authentic experts, experiencers, and truth tellers of the world - whatever the topic.  My show will  never give hoaxers and their hoaxes a platform to spin their fantasies. My show will present the greatest mysteries in the world, whatever the topic. And I will share my own discoveries, research and ongoing adventures.

Go here to learn about my documented abilities to psi-see future, past, and present events at STARFIRE TOR:  Future Event Precognitions.

Go here to learn more about my evolving groundbreaking research, from my June 22, 2018 interview with Whitley Strieber on Unknown Country’s Dreamland Radio - or any of my interviews.

Go here to learn about my documented ability to do weather modification, using my unique Reality Shift Manifestation psi protocols. The 2019 mission is called "The Amazon Rainforest Mission". Hundreds of people from all over the world participated. Only hours after the mission launched it began to rain in the Amazon. It continued to rain. By the end of September, due to the rain, the fires had been reduced by 55%.

Go here to learn about my documented ability to do weather modification, using my unique Reality Shift Manifestation psi protocols. I call the mission "Operation Lower Southern California Heat Wave Temperatures".

"The Time Shift Effect" book is not some dry science manual, that only a handful of scientists can wrap their heads around. While these topics may seem overwhelming, and in some cases new to you, you’ll find that I write about them in easy to understand and relatable ways. These topics are about the human experience on Earth, and a big part of that is the true nature of reality and how you interact with that. Speaking about relating, part of the book is about my journey of discovery. It is quite the story. I actually stumbled upon these discoveries, while searching for the scientific source of everything psychic and paranormal. Along the way, I discovered that too.

Everything, that I present in my book, "The Time Shift Effect", comes from my own pioneering and unique discoveries and research. Here are some of the major topics in the book. Get ready for your mind to be blown.

• The world you think you live in is not what it seems to be. It is really a perceptual illusion, put in place by an assimilation program that sources from the Core Matrix. This program, both protects us and keeps us from learning about the true nature of reality and the true nature of our existence.

• We live in a Universe, that has been resurrected and reconstructed, from an original Universe that was pulled into and destroyed by a supermassive rotating black hole billions of years ago.

• The new Universe, was made possible, because remnants from the original Universe were captured by the rotating ergosphere surrounding the supermassive rotating black hole that destroyed the original Universe. Within the ergosphere, these original cosmic remnants were nurtured back into a structured existence by the Core Matrix and Spark Of Life [SOL] energy. The Core Matrix still exists within this ergosphere.

• We do not live in a single time line. We simultaneously exist in multiple time lines, all of which are real and physical. I call them co-existing time lines. They are not holograms, and neither are we.

• We physically exist, in each and every co-existing time line in which we are alive. Although not consciously aware of it, we interface with all versions of ourselves in all co-existing time lines in which we are alive.

• All co-existing time lines share the same space They are separated only by their individual frequencies. This is why there are no parallel time lines. There are only co-existing time lines.

• All co-existing time lines stream from The Core Matrix, which is likened to a hard drive like dark matter system that stores and streams our many co-existing time lines. The Core Matrix sources from the ergosphere of a mega black hole.

• There are many other Universes, but they exist in a Core Matrix driven system separate from our Core Matrix driven system.

• The Core Matrix, and the supermassive rotating ergosphere in which it resides, exist in a dimension separate from the co-existing time lines that it streams and edits. Likewise, the supermassive rotating black hole, that destroyed our original universe - and to which the ergosphere is still attached, also exists in a dimension separate from our co-existing time lines. This protects, the black hole and its ergosphere, from the effects of time line edits.

• Time, itself, does not always flow from the past to the present and into the future. It shifts, according to the co-existing time line edits that it receives.

• Our brains interface with The Core Matrix, and its many co-existing time lines and cosmic elements. This interface is the gateway to all available knowledge. The interface facilitates all psychic experiences, including precognition and extra sensory perception, as well as being the explanation of why and how we dream.

• The Sun’s energy, particularly Earth directed energy in the form of solar flares, coronal mass ejections, solar winds, and magnetic filament lift offs can trigger a co-existing time line altering event called a Time Shift.

• The Core Matrix, utilizes Time Shift events and time line edits, to alter some of the elements in the current dominant co-existing time line. In turn, co-existing time line edits lead to the creation of new but short lived dominant co-existing time lines. All versions, of all past co-existing time lines, are permanently retired but continue to stream.

• The Core Matrix has a program called The Prime Directive. Its purpose is to locate any event, in any co-existing time line, that will or has caused a natural or unnatural planet ending event. Upon detection, The Core Matrix will reboot the affected co-existing time line, after editing out the planet ending event.

• Time Shift, time line edits, and co-existing time line edit activity can leave what I call traceable Time Shift markers. Time Shift markers can be personal and/or global in nature.

• All authentic paranormal activity is caused by glitches in The Core Matrix system, with some events being caused by a dangerous negative energy that I call a dark matter aberration.

• No force on Earth, whether human or otherwise, can cause or control a Time Shift or co-existing time line edit. Neither can a human, or any other living entity, choose which co-existing time line to exist in. We all consciously live in the dominant co-existing time line of the moment, as chosen and controlled by The Core Matrix.

• The Core Matrix-brain interface allows a person to naturally engage in various forms of what I call Reality Shift Manifestation. This allows a person, to manipulate elements within their localized co-existing time line. A Reality Shift Manifestation cannot cause a Time Shift, cannot create a co-existing time line edit, and cannot create a new dominant co- existing time line.

• All elements, comprising all stored and streamed co-existing time lines, is held together by a cosmic glue and element organizer called dark matter.

• The dark matter aberration [DMA] is a deviant form of dark matter. Although it still functions as dark matter, it has its own SOL triggered extra agenda that makes it the source of all evil.

• I developed a system, based on my unique understanding of The Core Matrix-brain interface, that can help people launch – at will - their own specialized Reality Shift Manifestations. This includes Reality Shift Healing.

• Time travel is real, including physical time travel and time travel that exists through The Core Matrix-brain interface.

• The hidden science, that I discovered, has led to the solving of many Earth mysteries and cosmic enigmas.

• In order to tell you, about my discoveries and research, I will have to tell you some of my own story as well, including some of my many documented and proven precognition events.


This is an in-depth interview that I did for the book This Book Is From The Future: A Journey Through Portals, Relativity, Wormholes, and Other Adventures In Time Travel. In it I relate the easy to understand basics of my discoveries and research, including how it relates to you.

Go here to read an excerpt from my upcoming book "The Time Shift Effect". My report contains very important information about the Core Matrix – including images of what the Core Matrix looks like. The report is called "The Core Matrix: The Holy Grail Of Hidden and Forbidden Secrets".
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Love, Blessings, and Many Thanks,
Starfire Tor



Please donate now, and share my fundraising page with your social media friends and groups. Write a personal note, along with the share, that let's your friends know that you enjoy and support my work.


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