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Son, Grandson, Brother, Uncle, God Father, Friend.
We have recently lost our much loved brother to suicide, we want to share his story,
Thomas suffered short term from mental health, he had a brilliant childhood,as a sibling of 8, he was the baby of the family, with fun family holidays, camping trips with his adored grandfather, Belgium trips with brothers, Ibiza holidays with friends, he was fit and healthy and loved to play football, Thomas was happy. 
He had all sorts of imaginations and aims, he wanted to sail, bike around Europe, start his own food delivery business, he had so much to live for, but unfortunately something, somewhere went wrong.
Thomas fled work one Thursday, with family members looking for him and concerned, he was finally found and returned home safe by police officers to his grandma’s where he spent his last days. A police officer handed Tom a helpline card and the officer himself phoned to refer Thomas and awaited a call back.
Tom’s brothers accompanied him at his grandma’s curious on what’s going on, Thomas there and then stated he wasn’t happy, he was experiencing mental health issues and he wanted help. Thomas was left safely to settle the night to be reunited with his older brother the following day to re-phone the helpline.
The Friday morning Thomas re-phoned the NHS mental health helpline, he wanted to be referred. Tom himself spoke to an advisor as did his older brother also pleading on the phone to get Tom help TODAY! As he had just admitted to the lady on the phone, to the brother and to his Grandma that he did in fact want to end his life. Thomas then awaited a call back, instead he received a text to call the number later that evening but was left in a queue to where Tom got impatient due to his mental state and hung up.
The following day (Saturday) Tom spent time with his other older brother, visiting his granddad’s grave and going for food. Tom then again phoned the helpline accompanied by his two brothers, and asked for help to where he was told , a specialist who Tom needed to speak to didn’t work weekends and that he would be contacted on the Monday, Tom looked confused and disheartened with this news and HIMSELF asked his brother’s to accompany him to A&E to seek help there.
Thomas was guided through the check in stages at Princess Royal Hospital A&E and was awaiting to be seen, again unfortunately due to Tom’s state of mind waiting two hours was so long for him as he got impatient and demanded to leave. Returning safely back to his grandma’s Tom was left for the evening with family visiting him to check in. 
The Sunday morning Tom was accompanied by his father into early afternoon. Then he received a phone call from his older brother to arranged a time to meet, that conversation Tom stated he felt better and had a good night sleep, unfortunately the meet never went ahead.
Sunday 14th February 2021 Thomas ended his pain. The 28 year old asked for help overall FOUR times, to be told a specialist he needed to see didn’t work weekends!
Our aim is to raise enough money through this go fund me page and charitable events in the future to create a trust in Tom’s honour and to raise enough hopefully to pay ONE specialist’s salary for a YEAR to work weekends. To hopefully help and save others going through the same experience. 
This is such a tragic event that happened so quick. Please share Tom’s story and this page, not only to donate but to spread the word. MENTAL HEALTH is an illness just like any others, so they need the resources to be able to help especially at WEEKENDS.
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