Exploring the Prosecution of Mr Dominic Cummings

Please help fund legal advice concerning the prospective prosecution of Dominic Cummings.

(Update - Further advice 30th June 2020 - Updated advice from Ben Douglas Jones QC and Nathaniel Rudolf  - there is no reasonable prospect of bringing a Private Prosecution under the The Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020)

1. Exploring avenues leading to the prosecution of Dominic Cummings.

2. We were told to stay home. But it is one rule for them and one rule for everybody else. 

3. Justice must be served for all in the UK
Dear Friends,

My name is Mahsa Taliefar I am a recent graduate and like so many other people I have not seen my elderly mother in many weeks. Like most of our country, I have adhered to the law issued by our government regarding lockdown strictly.

On the 5th May, I was shocked to read that Professor Neil Ferguson, the scientific advisor to the government who had lectured the public about the need for social distancing had himself not followed his own advice. The hypocrisy was galling, but he at least had the good grace to resign over the issue.

In late May, we as a nation learnt that Dominic Cummings, the man instrumental in the UK's lockdown strategy and the prime ministers right hand man, had apparently himself and quite hypocritically broken lockdown laws.

Mr Cummings, however, did not resign. Rather, he arrogantly demanded that we the public accept his preposterous statement as a reasonable excuse for not complying with the law. He made a barefaced pronouncement from an apparently legally sanitized script that he and his family had embarked on a 60 mile round trip to Barnard Castle on his wife's birthday solely to test his compromised eyesight. A more ridiculous excuse is difficult to imagine. 

I am only a law graduate, but even to my inexperienced eye, it is clear to me that Dominic Cummings apparently broke the law and from a position where it was incumbent on him not to do so. More importantly, he insulted the families of the 40 000 people who have so far died from Covid19.

Cummings's arrogance has not only insulted us as citizens of the UK but also it appears it has given those in our country who are less civically minded the excuse to break the law themselves.

Dominic Cummings is rich and has powerful friends. He seems to behave as if he is above the law and he appears to have broken it with impunity.

I cannot accept that we now live in a country where the law applies only to those of us without resources and connections and I know many of you will feel the same as I do.

Despite Durham police pronouncing that Mr Cummings broke the law, they chose not to prosecute him. 14,000 less wealthy and less connected citizens have been fined to date for the activities that cummings will not be held responsible for.

I have researched the cost of instructing an eminent legal team including first class Solicitors and a respected Queens Counsel who are experts in the criminal law in order to seek advice around the possible prosecution of Dominic Cummings . 

All funds raised will be payable from GoFundMe directly to Waterfords Solicitors (Twitter @WaterfordsLaw). The purpose of the funds is to obtain legal advice concerning the prosecution of Mr Cummings and should a basis for prosecution be established, consequential representation to prosecute Dominic Cummings and hold him to account.

Any funds not spent by way of the above will be donated to Vision Aid Overseas, a registered charity (in England no. 1081695) dedicated to helping those with vision problems .

Thank you all for taking the time in reading this, I hope you all join me in my campaign in getting justice!

Many Thanks


About me:

I am a law graduate living in London.  I like many others have suffered separation form my loved ones and find it unacceptable that there seems to be one rule for elites and another for us.

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Durham Constabulary press statement

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