The Perfect Hiking Kilt

After years of hiking for exercise and pleasure, I have discovered the joy and benefit of doing so in kilt.  The freedom of movement, and the vastly increased comfort is something I want to share.  Unfortunately woolen kilts are expensive, harder to clean and care for, and just out of reach for many casual hikers.  

Over the past year I have been perfecting the design and process of a lighter weight, durable, and functional hiking kilt from a strong canvas.  The materials I need, however, are quite specific and only available from one source.  The shipping and import fees for the material unfortunately outweigh the cost of the material itself.

The plan: With the four types of canvas required (as well as a few locally sourced materials), create four working prototype hiking kilts to distribute to my hiking partners for testing.  Excess materials will be used for designing and creating matching accessories such as sporrans and utility pouches.

The money: 1500kr (€150) for the canvas order from Big Duck Canvas company in the US.
2000kr (€200) for import fees and shipping to Sweden
500kr (€50) for buckles, D-rings, thread, and incidentals.

Who will benefit: Myself and a few close friends for now.  After testing and some tweaking, possibly more.

I'm currently retired and without pension, so living on very limited means.  The help in funding would help greatly in allowing me to further my hobbies of hiking and creating things without having to cut into bills and food.  I hope to be able to have the materials by winter and complete the first four prototypes (different styles, colours, and cuts) by the start of the next hiking season.


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Xan Smith 
Haninge, AB, Sweden