Nirorths(Mey-Son)fight is our fight

Dear family and friends, Nirorth Mey-Son is one of my nearest and dearest friends. She is a beautiful, vivacious, strong, intelligent, big hearted and fun loving women who would lend a helping hand at the drop of a dime.

She is also 34-years-young and a hard-working, family orientated, wife and mother to her husband Sokha  and her two young children Nya (5yrs)and King(3yrs).

To say the least her world has been turned upside down in a matter of days and we need to give this family our support so they can spend as much time as possible focussing on loving each other and making memories.

• June 14 Nirorth went in for a surgery to have a mass removed that had developed by her ovary. It was supposed to be a pretty standard procedure with there being a slim 10% chance of the mass being cancerous.

•June 15th Nirorth found out it was a 4" tumour which was removed with her left fallopian tube and ovary. It was determined at this time she had stage 3 ovarian cancer and she needed to start chemotherapy immediately.

•June 19th After more testing Nirorth found out the source was not ovarian and she in fact has stage  4 cancer. It is suspected that the cancer is either stomach or intestinal,  she is enduring more tests to figure out where the cancer is. At this time it is an unknown source. 

•June 29 Nirorth finds out she will need to receive chemotherapy every two weeks for the rest of her life. Just to be clear this is a non-curable cancer.

•July 5 Niroth had a port surgicly embedded for easy access of her chemotherapy treatment.

• July 10th Nirorth received her first chemotherapy treatment which is called "Full Fox", it is a slow drip treatment that she will receive over a three day period which targets stomach,intestinal and colon cancer's.

Leading up to June 15th Nirorth had been seeing a dermatologist for about 6 months for issues regarding her skin that have now been linked to the cancer, the condition is called acanthosis nigricans characterized as dark patches of skin with a thick velvety texture. Causes of this condition are obesity, diabetes and cancers of the stomach, intestines and colon.
Because she is so young, cancer was never considered to be a cause, she is also not over weight or diabetic. Other then this there were very few if any indicators that there was cancer developing in her body as she has been leading a happy and healthy lifestyle.

We would like to relive Nirorth and her family of financial worry as much as possible at this time. This is very fresh as this news was only delivered a few weeks ago, that said Nirorth and her family are exploring other options for lifestyle changes and treatments not covered by insurance that may involve travel, accommodations and child care that will be added to their bills, mortgage and already existing life expenses.

I'm sure you can all imagine what a stressful disheartening time this must be for Nirorth and her family. If you would like to take the opportunity to help lessen the financial stress that is emanating for this family, now is the time.

This is only the beginning of Nirorth's journey, this campaign  will be updated with any and all new news regarding decisions on Nirorths treatment and progress.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Nirorth's journey thus far.

God bless

•August 21st the source has finally been identified, it is Duodenum(small intestinal).
Treatment remains the same with having to receive chemotherapy every two weeks for the rest of her life. That said the hunt begins for alternative treatment/ clinical trials.
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