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Marinara Boys: Fundraiser to feed the front lines

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In the first round of donations, The Marinara Boys prepared and delivered thousands of meals to date to front line workers during the Covid-19 crisis. These comforting meals delivered a much needed morale boost to all those who work tirelessly to take care of all of us in spite of the uncertainty and fear that was.

In May 2020, we opened donations again and linked up with Social Development Toronto who gave us a list of the most high priority communities and food unstable zones. We worked closely with the most incredible volunteers in all corners of the city, providing two thousand hot, 3 course meals in a five week period. YOUR donations made that possible.

We are now opening up this fundraiser for a third time as the pandemic is rising again. Government shutdowns have increased Toronto’s unemployment rate to a staggering 14%, leaving hundreds of thousands out of work and many of those not knowing where their next meal is coming from. We want to continue serving the most food vulnerable communities in the city and providing a hot meal to those in need. Community health centers,  shelters and food banks. Not only that, we want to help the small restaurants and food businesses that have been devastated by shutdowns and on the brink of losing everything. So we will be reaching out to these restaurants and suppliers alike to purchase their products and services where we can in order to give them a much needed boost as well. Toronto desperately needs your help.

As before, The Marinara Boys are donating our time and kitchens to this initiative. We ask you to donate what you can to help further our efforts in supporting front line workers and Toronto's amazing, yet struggling hospitality industry. We are determined to keep it up with these meal deliveries and cannot do it without you. A good meal provides more than just sustenance, it can also provide hope and a sense of community. Together, despite our own struggles, we can support each other, help everyone stand and take a step forward.


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