the Luegger's Invisible Fight

Our little family needs your help.
June 24th, 2021, my mother collapsed. When our local hospital determined it was a stroke they medi-vac'd her to Denver (we live in Summit County, CO), and was placed in ICU.
July 1st, 2021 , my mother passed away.
"Our little family has been through a lot the past week...
My mum had a stroke 6/24, and unfortunately passed July 1st from complications after the breathing tube was removed + the fact she had paralysis that took away her ability to swallow...She landed up with sepsis and my dad & I each held a hand until the bitter end, reminding her over & over how loved she is (now was) and cared for.
My mum was one of my closest friends. She was my cheerleader. And she loved me no matter how much crap I put my family through. (I have Bipolar 1 Disorder & Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is almost as traumatic for the loved ones tasked with being caregivers. We only found an effective treatment plan 2017, so there was 37 yrs of a nightmare roller coaster ride that she made it through.) Even when everyone else told her to walk away & cut me off she defended me and loved me. Admittedly I did not deserve her love at times.
She was like this with everyone really. When she met someone new she would go into the relationship without judgment. She knew how to make people feel accepted and loved. And she loved uncondtionally. ...Well, until you screwed her over one too many times. Then she would politely bow out of the relationship. But at that point she had probably already given you two handfuls of chances to be a better person and prove you are trustworthy & deserving of her renewed respect.
She was, to put it simply, an absolutely amazing human being! A light in the darkness. And she was the love of my dads life. His best friend. His soul mate.  ...My brother was my momma's boy - always and forever. A love only mothers & sons can understand. And she loved my son deeply; She was like a 2nd mother to him...They had a very special bond.
...And now I am sitting in the same hospital my mum passed two days ago, waiting for my dad to come out of surgery. I had to rush him down here yesterday morning due to a health condition that flared up. We got to the ER around 9:00 am yesterday, and he has been in the hospital since. ...I am worried to say the least, but have been assured there is no need; I am trying to believe them as I sit here in his hospital room writing this, but it is a struggle as I think of my mum. (Deep Breaths. Acknowledge & Accept. It Is What It Is....)"

Anyone that has spent any time in a hospital knows how expensive it is.
Anyone that has spent any time in ICU knows how extremely expensive that is.
Anyone that has been MediVac'd knows how it can break you financially.
And it is not just the current bills that are about to pile up, she had many already coming and being paid off. Then add in my dads medical bills and my medical bills: If you know the American Healthcare System you know the struggle.

We are doing what we can: I will be selling my house and moving my son & I in with my dad to help with finances, but that & my car are about all the assets I have, and the money we will get from the sale of my house will not be enough to cover everything: My mum was still working before she passed, and my dad works. They do not have the extra cash laying around for what is sure to be 100's of thousands of dollars owed. And due to my health I cannot (find) work. Our family was already stretched thin, and then we lost the rock of our family...the glue. We will have to overcome this together, but need a little help to do so.

We do not know what the total will be for mums hospitl bills, but we will update you as they come in.
We will also update you on our family, especially my dad.

I am setting up this campaign without my dads knowledge: He is too proud to ask for help, so I am doing it for him (and our little family).

Whether you share our campaign, donate, or support our business: Any & All Help Is Immensely Appreciated.
Big Thank You for taking the time to read our campaign, and thank you for any support you send our way.
~ Much Love From the Luegger Family.

This Campaign was originally Sam's Invisible Fight, but with the passing of mum we have a much larger fight to be fought.
Here is the original campaign info:

My family likes to joke that I am a medical anomaly, and if there was a real Dr House he would probably be the only doctor to figure out everything that is wrong with me, and even still he may not.

To put it simply: My life has been a never ending mental & physical battle; A crazy roller coaster ride. To make it even better there are thousands of dollars in medical bills, I can not keep a job, many days I can barely get out of bed, my health conditions keep getting worse (as most of them are degenerative or cause degenerative conditions), and it has been an EXTREME amount of Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Financial Stress for my parents and my son.

"Why Are You Here?"
My family needs help because my parents have pretty much wiped out their savings helping my son and myself the last 5 years.

"Why Are They Supporting You?"
People won't/don't hire me because I cannot promise to be reliable (because of my health - conditions listed at end of page). It has been 5 Years (2016) that I have not found an employer willing to hire me; Can you really blame them? What employer wants to wonder day-to-day if their employee is going to show up?

"What have you done to help? And what are you doing?"
2016 thru 2018 My son and I had roommates, but they rarely paid rent and were causing problems/destroying things, so we stopped long term rentals: They were costing us more money when the whole reason they were living with us was to lessen our costs.
2019 thru 2020 We were able to do vacation rentals at my son and I home, which covered all of our expenses (inc paying off some bills), but we had to stop once Coronavirus hit our County (03/2020), and had to close completely because we could/can not risk my health to exposure and our neighborhood decided no more rentals allowed.
2020 thru 2021 Last summer I followed a dream and started a small online store, but due to low funds have not been able to grow it as quickly as could happen (because we are competing against giants like Amazon we need huge marketing campaigns). I am working to open a pop-up store by this fall, and then grow to a dedicated space from there. As of now the business - LUE Outdoors - is running on a small business loan.  (We recently began an iFundWomen Campaign  in an attempt to raise capital.)
Note: I did not receive any Pandemic Relief Money, only claimed Unemployment March - April, and no small business assistance.

"What do your parents do for work?"
My mum works at Bed Bath & Beyond, and my dad is a Shuttle Driver.
Both are supposed to be retired, but because of my health can not afford to do so.
And both have their own health struggles. (My dad had double knee surgery - 2019 & 2020 and just had hand surgery, and my mum had a neck fusion 2020)

"What do you need help with?"
The most important would be our house payment, utilities, food, gas, and medication...You can imagine anything is a HUGE help to our family! My son and myself approximate total monthly expenses are around $2600/month, but we do get $595/mo for Child Support, and I have an Online Thrift Store that makes a little income for us. >> Total Transparency of Thrift Store Income - May 2021: $70.00, April 2021 $85.00, March 2021 $300.00, Feb 2021 $84.00, Jan 2021 $150.00

My parents have done SO much for myself and my family over the years, they deserve to have some savings left for their retirement, and even be able to retire. This campaign is actually to help them, and I thank you for any help.
How can you help?
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The Conditions I (and in turn my family) Live With:
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
Degenerative Joint Disease
Degenerative Disc Disease
Degenerative Tendon Disease
Dupuytren's Disease
Chron's Disease
Chronic Migraines & Headaches
Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
Bipolar 1 Disorder
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
+ More Conditions

I do not know what else to say other than,
Thank you very much for taking the time to read our campaign, and we so appreciate any and all support.
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