The Future of Phoenix LiteOS is in Your Hands!

Hello everyone!

We are two tech enthusiasts who have been working together, to try and create something special to share with the world! Our Customized Windows Builds, are designed to run as light, and fast as possible, letting you get the most performance out of your PC, whether it be old or new, weak or strong!

This project takes up as much time as a full time job, and we would love to continue developing, and sharing our work with the world, but we are struggling to make ends meet, as we don't charge a penny for our work, we can't afford to keep giving the time we want to give to this project, without the finances needed. To be able to continue,
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  • Bright Zone 
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  • Hemanth Marpudi 
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  • Allen Callahan 
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  • za krr 
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