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The Flower of Life Project

Want to join me in making a difference? I'm raising money to benefit the Flower of Life Project which will help to reinstate the initiations of young women and the grandmothers councils of the indigenous and all peoples. The coming of age ceremonies for young women are severely lacking in many societies, including western society.

We have two choices: We can either let the sacred ways of life die, or we can make sure they remain on earth and are available for the next generations.

My name is Elizabeth Seraphine, Founder of The Priestess Path Lineages of Light Mystery School and Temple of Light 501c3.

Temple of Light's mission is to restore the temples and sacred initiations for women, bringing back the role of priestess & wise women as a valid position in society.

The Flower of Life Project aims to keep the sacred wisdom alive for women beginning with supporting indigenous women with funding, guidance and assistance to restore their traditional sacred initiations for women coming of age.

The Project also encourages all women of earth, regardless of place of origin, to remember their divine sacredness and is already active in this.

Women are the caretakers of human life, they are the portals from which spirit is clothed in form. They are the heart of the family and often of imparting the sacred wisdom traditions to their children.

How would her life be different if, upon the arrival of her first moon, a young woman was brought into sacred space, surrounded by wise grandmothers and aunties who taught her about the immense power, beauty and responsibility of her womanhood and womb?

How would her life be different if she entered womanhood knowing she had a council of grandmothers available if she fell on hard times, needed an ear or wise counsel?

What if a woman coming of age knew the stories of her elders - the trials they endured, the wisdom and medicine they distilled from them, which could inform her path of womanhood?

Many indigenous societies have had or still have rich sacred traditions surrounding a young woman's coming of age, but many of those ceremonies are being undervalued or forgotten.

Today, the embers of these ceremonies still burn. The Flower of Life Project reaches out to living wisdom keepers and supports the elders and the young ones to restore, remember and return the vital initiations for life's women in their most important times. We are already active in this role.

Our first goal is 55,000 which will go to supporting the Lakota coming of age ceremonies. We are finding that women would focus on this sacred role of keepers of wisdom and ceremony if they simply had the time and financial support to do so.

The Project also intends to help restore the Grandmother's Wisdom Councils that keep this wisdom, keep the balance, and pass it on to future generations.

The top donors will get a choice of sessions with our Temple Apprentices. These sessions include: Power Animal Retrieval, Magic Child Retrieval, Plant Deva Communication, Sacred Space Session, RebelCrone™ Dreaming Session.

Donors of over 5,000 may receive a personal session with me.

Our future plans of growth includes securing grant funding for indigenous women's wisdom restoration and to spread this effort across the globe.

All accounting will be made available to donors on the allocations of this project.

We thank each and every one of you for your contributions to this valuable and timely Project!

Many Blessings,
Elizabeth Seraphine


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