"The Firefly Web" - An original play

Hello, supporters of theatre! My name is Erika Jenko, and I'm the writer and director of the original play, "The Firefly Web." This new play features whimsical storytelling that focuses on telling the story of children and empowering them by focusing on themes of mental health awareness. The story focuses on topics of suicide, depression, anxiety, OCD and generational trauma. And we need your help to bring this magical and thoughtful piece of theatre to life!

Presented as a part of the 2022 SheLA Theater Festival

"The Firefly Web" was recently accepted into the SheLA Theater Festival and will be presented at the Zephyr Theater in Hollywood in July for 2 performances. Out of over 300 submissions, "The Firefly Web" was 1 of 5 shows selected to perform in Los Angeles.


Twins Lane & Jasper return home for their yearly summer visit, which coincides with a 10-year family anniversary. While there, their childhood lake house transports the twins to memories 10 years prior. 10 years prior when their sensitivities to death were just developing. When life was simply about forts and buried treasure, or was it? As the memories become tangled in the present, Lane & Jasper must face their darkest fears that took shape all those years ago. The firefly jars have been sitting on the dock for a decade. Waiting to glow.

Where does the money go?

The SheLA Theater Festival is almost completely subsidized, so most of the big expenses such as the venue, insurance, light rentals, etc are already covered. There are some small expenses that I will be covering on my own including:

  • Production team & Actor Stipends: It is important to pay actors and production for their time. Rehearsing a new play can require putting in as many hours as a part-time job. Even though this is for 2 performances, the actors will need to put in the same rehearsal time as if it were for a month-long run. The play also includes 6 cast members and will require a production stage manager to guide the rehearsal process.
  • Understudies: Being in the midst of a global pandemic, it is crucial that we hire 2 understudies
  • Rehearsal Space: Rehearsal space can often cost as much or more than the performance venue itself. While some rehearsals might be held in parks for air circulation, we will eventually need to spend time in a professional rehearsal space.
  • Props: Most of the props will be made from upcycled materials or sourced from LA's premiere (and complimentary) resource, Ecoset. There will be some props that we will have to purchase--especially to make the fireflies glow
  • Wardrobe: Most wardrobe items will be thrifted or could even be pulled from actor's closets. With 6 cast members to dress, wardrobe will require a small budget

Reasons to Donate

  • Mental Health Awareness- This is a play that specifically focuses on topics that are often avoided in theatre. The goal is to present these topics with compassion and honesty and to open up a conversation for adults and children alike
  • Theatre for Children: It is important for children to see their stories represented in theatre. A lot of plays focus on the stories of adults, while the stories of children normally fall into the 'children's theatre' category.
  • Support the voices of women: The SheLA Theater Festival specifically focuses on discovering new plays written by women. They have given us a platform for our voices, the resources, and most importantly, the community to continue to include our perspective into storytelling. By supporting a show written and directed by a woman, you are supporting the success of organizations like the SheLA Theater Festival.

Thank you for your support and for believing in "The Firefly Web." Every donation is important. Even $15-$30 can cover an hour of rehearsal space for the cast. With the financial strain that we have all been through the past 2 years, even sharing this page with family and friends helps a lot. Thank you, and we can't wait to share this story with you this July at the Zephyr Theater.
  • William Hudson 
    • $20 
    • 4 d
  • Nicole Orabona 
    • $12 
    • 11 d
  • Bret Copeland 
    • $200 
    • 13 d
  • Elizabeth Brotherton 
    • $25 
    • 16 d
  • Cheri McEneaney 
    • $100 
    • 16 d
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Erika Jenko 
Los Angeles, CA