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The Dog Dive opened in 2016 when the owners (retired special education teachers) decided to provide affordable hydrotherapy and daycare services to the canines of southwest Michigan. The Dog Dive is the only hydrotherapy facility for dogs in southwest Michigan. The next closest facility is over 2 hours away. The facility is equipped with a warm water pool (25  x 13 x 4 ft) that is maintained at a comfortable 84-86 F. This temperature is ideal to increase blood flow and relaxes joints and muscles to allow increased flexion and extension. The non-weight bearing exercise eases pain and aids in recovery after injury or surgery. Canine hydrotherapy is a form of general fitness and pre/post operative recovery for dogs that has been around for many years. Hydrotherapy can be used in many cases. Some being the speedy recovery after surgeries, obesity, to help strengthen and maintain physical conditions or just to help your dog burn off energy! Unfortunately, like so many businesses, The Dog Dive closed due to the Michigan Stay at Home order.

Juno is just one of hundreds of dogs who receive hydrotherapy from The Dog Dive. When we rescued Juno she was obese, suffered chronic infections, a ruptured ACL and was in constant pain with poor quality of life. Juno underwent her first ACL surgery in February 2019. Due to her health and weight problems her surgeon suggested hydrotherapy. Within a few months he was astounded with her progress and suggested hydrotherapy permanently to maintain her improved quality of life (she lost over 40 lbs).  Juno had her second ACL surgery in April and is ready to return to hydrotherapy. However the owners of The Dog Dive do not have enough money to reopen their business. I am trying to raise money to help pay their rent, utilities and pool maintenance.

I realize finances are tight for everyone but Southwest Michigan cannot afford to lose The Dog Dive. Our canine companions give us so much, especially during the Stay at Home order, and deserve our help in return. Please donate to help The Dog Dive reopen so dogs like Juno can live happy, healthy and pain free lives!

The Dog Dive, LLC opened in 2016 when the retired owners (special ed. teacher, science and math teacher, and IT specialist) decided to provide affordable hydrotherapy and special needs day care to canines in Southwest Michigan. Why? Because each owned a dog with serious needs which, according to the vet they all shared, needed to swim frequently, year around. There was no such service to be found in Southwest Michigan – the closest being 2-3 hours away. So Mary and Beth attended training to become certified Water Work Practitioners, and Darryl obtained national certification as a pool and spa operator. One went back to work and dedicated all the money to the business, one counted and rolled coins from his giant beloved pickle jar stash, and one pitched in money as well as much equipment and knowledge from her 30 years as a dog shower and trainer. Then, with a business class under their belts and guidance from an SBA mentor, they spent the next 3 years looking for a building to house their new business, The Dog Dive. The business now operates at 1613 Riverview Drive, Kalamazoo, MI, 49004.

The Dog Dive’s Mission Statement and Goal:

Our mission at The Dog Dive is to enhance each dog’s physical, mental and spiritual well being while increasing the pet parent’s enjoyment of their dog at its current stage of life.  Our goal is to provide a non-medical holistic activity center which complements a dog’s healthy life style and ongoing  veterinary care from puppy-hood through the geriatric years.

The core services lie in using their warm water 25 x 13 x 4 ft. pool for dogs to exercise within a non-weight bearing, gentle on the joints environment. Clients fall into three major groups which are pretty evenly split. The first group comes just for fun and general exercise. They already know how to swim and play while their owners throw different toys for them.

The second group consists of working and performance dogs building strength, endurance and flexibility to be better conditioned and prevent injuries. They tend to be engaged in sports or work such as agility, high level obedience, herding or tracking.

The third group is dogs in physical or emotional need. Examples of reasons for them to swim include to build muscle before and/or after surgery, find relief for arthritis, battle obesity, increase core strength after amputation, compensate for dysplasia, or enhance their joy of life by being able to do versions of activities they can no longer do on land. Puppies and very elderly dogs have special programs at reduced rates. In addition other services such a day care, birthday parties, and floor conditioning equipment are available.

The Dog Dive has grown to house two other independent businesses: TNW Therapeutic Massage and Foundations Chiropractic for People and Pets. Each owner is licensed and trained to serve people and animals. They will also lose their place of practice if The Dog Dive is not able to continue.

Kongo’s Story: 
On March 29, 2018, Kongo had an appointment at Canine Rehab in FT. Wayne, Indiana with Dr. Jill Kitson, DVM attending. This is what the report said under the category of Diagnostics and therapeutic plan:

"Kongo should continue swimming 2-3 times per week. His water therapists are doing such a phenomenal job with him and are helping him to have the most normal and pain free gait he can have. It is great to have such a wonderful place in Kalamazoo. I will definitely refer there in the future with my Michigan patients!"
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