Black Legacy Tour—Stop The Ongoing War with Haiti

We are demanding humane policy changes toward Haitians in Haiti and in the United States. It's not over for Haiti, for we will continue to fight. Despite what we see on TV and on our mobile devices, its not over for Haiti. The Black Legacy Tour—Chicago is the first stop of several cities around the country. The topic of discussion: "Ongoing War with Haiti: America's and France's Economic Collusion from the year 1650 to 3000. The Black Legacy Tour will require me to travel to several cities around the US /countries, and dozens of meetings with influential people to gain support from those that refuse to sit back and watch Haiti be suppressed by their oppressors. I accept all moral support, but your financial support will help reduce the burden of me having to pay 100% of all lobbying costs, meetings, travel expenses, press releases, and meals.

I AM ASKING that you stand with me, as we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors! In order to lobby successfully, we must work collectively with congressmen and women, and local and federal political officials in the US and in Haiti to change the dehumanizing policies toward Haiti in DC. More so, it will take me to raise funds in Haiti while galvanizing people like you that care about the African diaspora, especially those in Haiti.
“If we don’t do anything significant regarding these bloodthirsty policies towards Haiti, millions will continue to be enslaved, starved to death, and oppressed for another five generations. The island has been dominated by the economic collusion of US and France’s iron hands since 1650, and possibly to the year 3000!”
The island is being enslaved economically, mentally, and physically. The current state of the country is disheartening, and unfair while destroying their hope to live. WE MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Let's make a difference in the spirit of 1804, and its leaders. I'm not saying that I am the complete solution, but I am asking that we do our part in solving the problem, with all due diligence.
I'll be visiting and speaking in the following cities:
Chicago, Friday, May 27th),
Alabama, Washington DC, Oakland (Cali.), NYC (United Nations + African Union), Atlanta, New Orleans, Haiti, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale (August), Miami, and Houston. Dates and locations are forthcoming. Please visit my website and/or social media for updates. I welcome your invitation to your city.

Press Releases, Blogs, Published Books, and Videos Are available on my website:
America’s 200 Year Inhumane #War Against Haiti and Black #FreedomFighters—Imperialism At Its Finest.”
The Slave Trade, Napoleon Bonaparte’s Worst Nightmare: Toussaint L’ouverture | Epic Legacy Series
#Haiti's Land is SUPER Rich With Oil, #Gold, And #ClintonCorruption | #HaitiStrong
Contact Info:
[email redacted]
470-377-112six (text only, please)
Social Media:
IG/TW: @Courage2Believe
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