Establishing The American Creed Academy

The cover photo is of Professor Thanas Paskali, Chief Pianist for the Albanian Opera and Ballet Company. He is an Albanian Muslim who is grateful that America saved his nation and people four times in the 20th century. America saved all of Europe in World War I from German totalitarianism, from Hitler in World War II; from Stalinism after WW II; and in the 1990s, when President Clinton saved the Muslims of the Balkans from "Ethnic Cleansing" by the government of Serbia. (Historians will rebuke the European leaders for their silence at the Serbian genocide. Had President Clinton not intervened, the generals of Serbia had planned genocide for all the Muslims in the Balkans. Incidently, Albania, 80% Muslim, is the only nation on the continent of Europe to save 100% of its Jews during World War II. Israel acknowledges this with a room of Honor in the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.)

Professor Paskali felt a "Calling" of gratitude to help start an Interfaith and Inter-racial Children's Chorus and Orchestra in America to counteract the rising tide of racism and hate in America and worldwide. He was the top student in his graduating class at the Albanian Institute of the Arts. He also earned a Master's Degree there and was later appointed Professor of Piano and Conducting at his alma mater. Professor Paskali also mentors advanced piano students, several of whom have won first prizes at international competitions sponsored by the European Piano Teachers' Association.

Professor Paskali is volunteering. However, the Academy is obligated to provide him with housing, subsistence and travel expenses. Therefore we need to raise $25,000 by October 27th. Here's how we are going to do that.
1. We invite all our relatives, friends, associates and citizens who understand that Jesus Christ endorsed investing in high-yield stocks to buy at least one share of stock weekly in the American Creed Academy for every child or grandchild. Then, when the child reaches age 5 1/2 the parent or grandparent teaches the child how to earn $10 weekly to continue that investment to retirement. Such a simple investment plan means that after 66 years the wise investor will retire with a wealth of $3,396,775 from this single investment. Jesus' endorsement of wise investment is in Matthew 25: 14 - 30. (Two great economists, Adam Smith and Milton Friedman, carried Jesus' logic to realistic prediction: That every nation can become rich in three generations as South Korea did from 1954 to 2021; and every family can become wealthy simply by careful investments. The Academy plans to teach children and families many other examples of how extremes of wealth and poverty will be eliminated in the lifetime of today's children. We promise an interest rate of at least 8% on our shares. Read on.)

(Eight-year-old children can learn how to use The Ramsey Interest Calculator in ten minutes to discover how much they need to invest each week to retire as a millionaire. Every child can achieve that goal through simple neighborhood chores or by raising vegetables in a few square meters. See

2. Because we need $25,000 right away not only to support Professor Paskali, but also to support for two months another genius from Albania, an American who has lived there for over 20 years. Dr. Dorothea Martin is believed to be the first blind-from-birth person to earn a doctorate. (She is coming to America to enjoy some reunions around Thanksgiving at the Connecticut School for the Blind.) Her IQ was measured at 185, putting her among the 100 most intelligent people on earth. She graduated magna cum laude from Mount Holyoke and earned her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. She will coach 8th and 9th graders for 90 minutes a day between Christmas and New Years on how to prepare to enter the best universities in the English-speaking world. I wish to invite individuals who know and trust me to invest in the Academy for either $1,000 or $2,000. Because of the need to buy tickets and plan for these two geniuses, my deadline is October 27. If the Academy's shares don't double within 12 months, I will return the investment with 8% interest.

                                                                   M I S S I O N

The Mission of this Academy is to demonstrate Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman's REMEDY FOR  RACISM and other remedies for social diseases. We begin by educating parents on the physical and spiritual development of the child. Then help the parents find and start training the child's genius from the age of eight months per the new research of Neurophysiology Professor Kisou Kubota, MD, Ph.D., Kyoto University.

                                                           I M P L E M E N T A T I ON 

  • Hires only genius professors and teachers who can inspire the child to focus early on his/her life career and complete high school by age 12, college by age 15, and a professional degree (if desired) by age 18.
  • Will be the first school to implement Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman's Plan, which we call "The Educational Mortgage." The Mortgage contract requires the child's family to pay at least 5% of its household income toward the tuition cost. In addition, the agreement stipulates that the child will pay the Academy "a (specified) fraction of future earnings to age 41." Our Educational Mortgage means that the very poorest child receives the same high quality education as the wealthiest child.

 *must believe and act as if each child is indeed created in God's image and therefore potentially creative and therefore potentially self-reliant, not needing a boss. (That belief is deepened by careful and trained observations of the child's rapid development with frequent feedback to the child.)

 * are ready to start music lessons, according to the Suzuki Method, at age 2 to facilitate the brain's 86,000,000,000 cells to knit themselves into high-functioning thinking networks.
 * should begin mini-farming at 3 1/2 to learn science, economics and entrepreneurship.
 * are encouraged to take "The Chastity Oath" before puberty which is predictor of emotional health and a stable marriage and family.

This Academy is unapologetically a capitalistic, cooperative enterprise. Its financial design is essentially by Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman. The Academy promises a fair-to-all return of 8%, per projections by another Nobel Laureate in Economics, Theodore Schultz, The Economic Value of Education, 1963. One share is now priced at $10. The Academy begins with initial endowments of intellectual properties, one of which was valued by a marketing specialist in Australia at $12,000,000. The total value is over $24,000,000. See for more details.

We now invite grass-roots America, all Americans, including children, with money earned in neighborhood chores, to invest $10 each as seed money and become among the first "CHARTER MEMBERS" of the first truly 21st century educational institution designed on the pattern of Plato's Academy and thereby structured to last beyond 849 years which Plato's Academy achieved despite assaults from barbarians and other misguided folks. This Academy is not begging for scholarship funds for needy children. Self-reliant and brilliant children prefer to EARN or pay for a first-rate education instead of being "given" one.

The founder, Professor William Maxwell, was born in Howard County, Arkansas, educated in public schools in Arkansas and Arizona, at Howard, Oregon State, California (Berkeley), and Oxford Universities. He earned his master's and doctorate degrees at Harvard University. He has guided students on five continents to accomplish significant research on raising children's intelligence. Three of his former students became vice-chancellors (= presidents) of universities, believed to be a world record.

A six-page abstract of the American Creed Academy Business Plan will be sent to anyone requesting that plan by mailing a money order of $5.00 to The American Creed Academy, P.O. Box 52, Nashville, AR 71852.  Professor Maxwell answers questions and will telephone interested persons providing they email the Academy their telephone number and preferred days and hours of a call.

Further Study and Research:

Some of professor Maxwell's worldwide television interviews can be seen on YouTube, for example, Education Talk London Genius Baby;

Messages and Sermons - UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST VILLAGE CHURCH Spiritually Fearless ( 12, 2020.

His best selling book, SuperParenting: Child Rearing for the 21st century, is available at

The first-class journalist, John Balch, in Nashville, Arkansas, grasped the significance of the Academy and published a long story in January, 2021 on the Academy. See 

Benefits to Investors:

Every investor (one share is $10), helps to fund the long-awaited and greatly needed first robin of the EDUCATIONAL Spring, and will receive discounts on all Academy products. For example:

The Maxwell-Martin Multiple Intelligences Career Pathfinder test, also known as The Genius Finder Test, was developed by two internationally experienced educators at the request of Grantham University and validated at the world's first all-computer science university, The University of Advancing Technology, Tempe, Arizona. That test is currently on the market for $199.95 per person. The developers are Dr. Dorothea Martin, Ph.D., whose measured IQ was 185, putting her among the most intelligent 100 people in the world, accordiing to the journal Scientia; and Professor William Maxwell, who graduated at the top of his doctoral program in Education at Harvard University.

Investors will simultaneously receive a chance to honor his/her beloved parents, relatives, teachers and other heroes with significant naming rights.

The Academy owned websites,, and are under renovation and will be available shortly. Both websites contain a one-page summary of Professor Friedman's brilliant six-page proposal to remedy racism by actually applying capitalism as originally formulated by the father of economics in 1776. Adam Smith was a professor of philosophy and ethics and held the rare but fundamental assumptions that all humans are created to be potentially creative and will behave justly when properly educated.

There are two ways to help fund this Friedman-inspired approach to ending racism and the obscene wealth gaps in all nations:
   (1) Invest in or contribute to this Academy via; or
   (2) Purchase shares directly from the Academy.
Once established in Arkansas, our staff will assist qualified educational entrepreneurs everywhere to build similar academies in their hometowns or elsewhere.

Gist of our first 18-month Business Plan:
1. Raise $2,000.000 from investors; from a modest profit from the XIXth session of the International Conference on thinking; and income from part-time instruction from
Professor Thanas Paskali, Chief Pianist of the Albanian Opera and Ballet;
Dr. Dorothea Martin, Phi Beta Kappa, Mount Holyoke; Ph.D., Literature, Michigan;
Olympian Ian Pyka, B.S., M.S., Kinesiology and Exercise Science, Maryland and
Professor William Maxwell, Ed.D. Harvard, with professorships/deanships and research studies on five continents;
Part-time professor of mathematics. (Under search now. Nominations welcomed.)

[Note: For the first 18 months, all studies are after school and during summer vacation.]

2. Expenses:
$875,000 to buy temporary facilities
$325,000 annual operational expenses
$400,000 to part-time and full-time teachers and staff members.
$100,000 to normal operating expenses.

A former church with more than six classroom spaces may become the Academy's first and temporary home in Hot Springs. In reality, owned by all shareholders. This facility will save us hotel costs as many world-class professors will be residential for only a week, with the balance of the course taught in six or more weeks online or virtually.

Every Investment, from $10 up, has these benefits:
1. Proportionate ownership of all property, real, such as the above, and intellectual;
2. A projected return on investment of at least 8%:

Investments in the Academy: Benefits and privileges of Cooperative Members:
All Name engraved on permanent obelisk Honor Roll and dividends estimated at 8%
annually after six years.
$10 One share of stock
$50 The book, SuperParenting: Child Rearing for the New Millennium
$100 Name on a permanent brick on a walkway
$250 Discount coupon of 10% on future musical and athletic events at the Academy
$500 A named window at the permanent facility
$1,000 A reserved chair in the main auditorium
$2,500 A permanent pass to the Academy’s Olympic-quality fitness facility
$50,000 Naming a street within the campus
$250,000 Naming a Gate to the Campus
$350,000 Naming a garden on the permanent campus
$500,000 Privilege of naming a campus residence house.
$750,000 Privilege of naming a Professorial Chair in a specific department
$1m Privilege of naming a classroom building
$5m Privilege of naming an athletic structure or field
$10m Privilege of naming The Learning Tower, the main building
$25m Privilege of naming the geodesic dome over The Leaning Tower

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