Tear Drop art project Burning Man 2023

We are Jettinae and Lukas from Germany. We are young artists and we need your help to show our art project at Burning Man 2023.
The good news is: this project is already partly made and will be shown at Burning Man for sure.
It depends on your donation how big and shiny it will be!

The Tear Drop is an interactive kinetic art sculpture. The one Teardrop in the middle, drops and crates waves, in the form of glistening metal rings. One single tear in a vast ocean of choices, potential, and repercussions.
People can turn the crank in both directions, to discover how their motions will impact the wave going in and out of eternity. Regardless of the direction and path they choose, they will always create cause and effect.
By night the LED lights will reflect on the rings, illuminating the surroundings and illuminating the impactfull waves of their decisions.

You get to decide now how shiny it will be; we want to make it as fancy as possible. We want more LED´s and more stainless mirror finished steel, and you can help make that happen with your contributions.

We would spend this money on materials, supplies, and transportation, etc. and will not be using it to pay anyone who is working on the project. A Burning Man project isn't about making a profit. It's about bringing art to the people. That's what we are going to do, hopefully with your help.

Donations from $50 will be rewarded with a hand made stainless steel necklace. Necklaces will be delivered onsite on the Playa, or we can also deliver, please contact us for more information.
For donations over $450 we have a special art piece as a surprise for you.

For more information about us and the project visit www.mark-design.info

Spenden (7)

  • elisabeth ottolini
    • $100 
    • 2 mos
  • Andrew Cagle
    • $25 
    • 3 mos
  • Anonym
    • $50 
    • 4 mos
  • Emma Sikich
    • $25 
    • 4 mos
  • Max Van Driel
    • $80 
    • 6 mos

Organisator und Spendenbegünstigter

Lukas Mark
Riceville, TN
Jamie Lynn Peasnall

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