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Courtney, our 3-year-old spunky little angel, was recently diagnosed with Embryonol Rhabdomyosarcoma (cancer of connective tissue). This is a fairly rare type of cancer. Only 300 people, usually children, are diagnosed with it each year. The tumor is almost 12 centimeters in size in her abdomen and is constricting her aorta, which causes her very uncomfortable leg pain. She has a hard time walking on it. The only way to stop that pain is to shrink the tumor so they can eventually remove it.

As far as the doctors can tell, the tumor has not metastasized (spread). Courtney is currently undergoing weekly chemotherapy treatments for at least the next year and DAILY radiation for the next 3 months!

{Cousin Savannah visiting Courtney}

Courtney has been in fairly good spirits as one can be through this entire process, though she keeps reminding everyone that she is ok by stating, "I NOT SICK!". When she is not feeling sick to her tummy from the chemo, you'll probably find her playing with her dolls, playing church, blowing bubbles with her sisters, coloring pictures, or watching her favorite show Caillou.

Courtney is one tough cookie and we have no doubt that she will fight this! Please continue to pray for her as she undergoes continued treatment.

{June 2013}

{August 2013}

Keep up with Courtney:

**The cost of chemotherapy, radiation and hospital visits can quickly add up, and, unfortunately insurance will only cover so much. Anything is appreciated!**
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