Help us get through this nightmare.

Update: He has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma type B stage 2 and its in his bone marrow

First of all, thank you for even taking the time to read this. This is not normal for us to ask for help but as a friend told me, we have helped so many people that maybe it is our time to have help.
My husband, the sole provider of our household, a former Houston county firefighter and a veteran.. Hehas been sick now for going on 3 months.
Actually, in March it started with head-to-toe itching. We have gone to numerous doctors for answers, and it was just put off as eczema. He has no rash and it's a constant itch head to toe.
Fast forward to the beginning of November, he gets what he thinks is strep or mono. He went to the doctor but was never tested for either. It was put off as strep. As soon as this issue went away, a lymph node on his neck began to swell. Within a week it went from a small bump to the size of a golf ball. He then went to the doctor, and she gave him a steroid. Over the weekend it went from a painless golf ball to a painful softball side lump on his neck. We have had countless blood test done with everything coming back as normal. He then started getting extremely ill. To the point he had to miss work. He was so fatigued and has lost so much weight and muscle during all of this. We have had several scans and more blood test, and everything again is normal. We did see that the lymph nodes have spread and are now swollen in his chest near his breastbone. He has a terrible cough we believe is from that. He also has constant night sweats, issues regulating body temperature, was running fevers but that has since stopped, still itching, weight loss, muscle fatigue, and absolutely no energy. We are currently awaiting a biopsy test result to see if it is cancer.
Anyways, the purpose of this post is for prayers for my husband and for help to get us through these months of him being out of work. Due to his job being commission and him not taking the opportunity to apply for the short-term disability when it was offered through work, we have no income. Thankfully we did buy Christmas prior to all of this happening.
We just need help to get through the months with our bills and living expenses for myself, James, and our two children. Thank you all so much and if you cannot donate, please share and prayers are always appreciated.
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