Tavian McNeal


On June 3, 2017, Tavian "Tay" McNeal was in Los Angeles, CA visiting his grandmother. He was headed to an amusement park to celebrate his younger brother's birthday. At approximately 10:30A.M., while waiting for his grandmother to get ready, Tay and his family were in the front yard laughing and joking around when an unknown assaliant came within a few feet of them and opened fire. The person shot 5-6 times before running off. Tavian was the only one hit by the gunfire and was rushed to CA Hospital. At this time, it was determined that he was shot in the upper thigh. The bullet was lodged in and he was bleeding internally. He was immediately taken in to his first of three surgeries to come. During his first surgery, the Doctor informed us that Tay's Femur Bone was broken and he had developed Compartment Syndrome. He would need an additional procedure in order to release the blood. Without this additional procedure Tay could possibly be paralyzed or lose his leg. We were also informed that Tay was shot with a 9mm Full Metal Jacket Bullet and naturally it caused a lot of internal damage. Tay had severe bleeding and swelling, therefore, the Doctors were not able to continue the surgery. His wound would be left open in order to allow him to "bleed out" in hopes they could complete the surgery in the days to come.
Three days later, Tavian was taken in for his second surgery. During the first surgery, a metal rod was placed to fix his broken Femur Bone and during the second surgery the Doctors were now able to see that the placement was correct. However, there was still too much swelling and bleeding for the surgery to be completed. A Wound Vac was then placed to assist with this process. As you can only imagine, the pain for Tavian was unbearable. Up until this time, Tay was not stable enough in order to be transferred, but Kaiser wanted him to be transferred and the Doctors agreed. Of course Tay could not be transferred with the Wound Vac, so it had to be removed causing him even more excruciating pain. When Tavian arrived at Kaiser West LA, the doctors had difficulty undoing the previous procedures that were done at CA Hospital causing even more pain to Tay. Two days later, a surgeon was able to input a new Wound Vac and begin the draining process. Naturally, Tay had never experienced so much pain before in his life. He wanted to give up!
On June 14, 2017, Tavian had his third surgery and the doctors were finally able to remove the second Wound Vac and close his wound. Now, he was attempting to prepare for the difficult part of healing both physically and mentally while still in enormous pain. Due to his surgeries, Tay was going home with other open wounds, a broken Femur Bone that was not able to receive a cast due to his type of wounds, and, of course, he is immobile and is 100% co-dependent on someone to care for him around the clock.


Tavian is a 17 year old fun loving kid who was looking forward to entering his Senior year of high school. He is a great student who obtains excellent grades and as a few teachers stated on his last report card "a pleasure to have in class". Tavian loves to play basketball and listen to music. He is a typical teenage boy who is full of life and love. Tay loves to laugh and joke around as well as dress up. After graduating high school, Tay hopes to join the Air Force and ultimately become an engineer. Tay is not into anything negative and it is real unfortunate he has to endure this.


Tavian had a total of three surgeries. A metal rod placed in his leg, two blood transfusions, and hospital stay and two hospitals. Tay will need extensive physical therapy for some time to come. Tavian and his family will need to attend mental therapy being that his younger siblings witnessed this tragic event and are traumatized because of it. In fact, his little sister continues to relive the day her "big brother was shot" and it has affected her immensely.


We have created this page in an effort to help Tavian and his family with the costs related to helping him heal. Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated and all monies raised will go directly to Tay and his family. Please share this GOFund page on all your social media pages. We ask for your generosity, prayers, and well wishes.

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