Tava Woodard

Tava was a daughter, granddaughter, sister, friend, and advocate. She was constantly looking for ways to improve the world around her. Whether she was involved in advocating for human rights or helping supply the needs of her local animal shelter, Tava was always trying to make the lives of others' better.

On June 2, 2023 Tava's life ended in unnecessary violence. Two unidentified and armed robbers entered her place of employment and took not only the money Tava willingly handed over to them, but also her life. They took so much more than what they needed, leaving behind an emptiness and questions that can never be filled or answered. This futile act of violence leaves behind parents to grieve the loss of their child, grandparents to bury their granddaughter, and siblings without an older sister to guide them.

Law enforcement and local media are calling this a terrible, unnecessary tragedy. Chief of Police Billy Church stated, "In my almost 30 years of law enforcement experience, this case is one of the most heartbreaking that I’ve come across. A young person lost their life due to a senseless act of violence.”

Tava's family is now faced with the untimely task of having to lay her to rest. Because Tava was so young her family was not prepared for this. No parent ever expects to bury their child. This goes against the natural cycle of things, so now they are burdened with the costs of a funeral they never thought they would see. Tava's family should be grieving, processing, and healing during this time, not worrying over financial costs of a funeral. 

Any donations to help support this family in their time of such loss would be appreciated more than words can express. They need help finding peace in light of this tragedy. 

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