Tahira Clayton: Wait, Till Now

As a kid, I spent summers in Louisiana with my grandmother. She did not expect me to do much in the way of chores, however, dishes were my thing, and I was to do them. One Sunday, my grandmother asked me why I hadn't done the dishes yet, and I responded, "Grandma, I'm just going to wait until there are more dishes to do. I'll only have more to do later." In a way that only a southern belle grandmother could, she replied swiftly, "Honey, you're going to wait, till right now to do those dishes!"

If you're here, it's because you know I am gearing up to record and release my first ever project as a bandleader/composer. WHOA!

Since moving to New York City in 2016, I have felt the evolution of myself taking place. Musically, personally, politically- I have felt the pull to write about my experiences. I’ve become so aware of the problems around: the blatant disregard for our Earth, the severe inequality and mistreatment of minority groups, the invalidation and dehumanization of women, as well as the many personal battles fought when living in a big city. Simultaneously, the awareness of the goodness in people, the joys in celebrating small things, and the warmth that loving just to love provides, have inspired me. This newest music has taken over my heart, body, and mind, embodying all of these things, and moving me to the intense need to share.

While reflecting on a series of some-what recent monetary set backs (paying back student loans, especially), insecurities, procrastination, and other personal difficulties, I remembered the very interaction with my grandma mentioned above and the lesson that was in her sassy rebuttal. Self-reflection and this sweet memory helped me realize that I have been standing in my own way, waiting for everything to be perfect or better. Waiting for more money, better song ideas; the list goes on. The mantra of “Wait, Till Now” has propelled me to a level of determination I didn’t know I was capable of. I am ready to get this project out to you very, very soon.

There are too many people to count who have been extraordinarily supportive of my music and social activism in countless ways: attending shows, sharing my videos and writings, liking social media pages and posts, and so much more. These shows of support have always meant so much to me. Now, I am going to ask for your help financially.

After a lot research and strategic budgeting, restructuring and rethinking,  I am looking to raise $8,500 for the release of this new project. This budget will cover:

-studio recording time
-musicians fees 
-post-production/ mixing
-EP artwork
-digital distribution
-printing (limited# of physical copies of EP)
-in-studio videography
-studio and performance photography for the EP
-Digital promotion
-Streaming platforms
-EP-related merchandise
-misc extra costs that have not been accounted for (studio related, production costs, etc)

As an independent artist, these costs are my responsibility. While I intend to put as much personal money into the project as I am able, I know that I will need your help to get this project in its entirety out in a big way.

After preparing and traveling to South Africa got me off of track for about 5 months, I have a new anticipated release date of December 2018! Because we’ve got such a long way to go, this GoFundMe page to raise 10,000 will be up and active through the process of this entire project. To things moving efficiently, I've revised production dates to reflect my new timeline: 

Monetary Goal Dates:

February 2018: $2,000 out of $8,500

May 2018: $4,000 out of $8,500

August 2018: $6,000 out of $8,500

October 2018: $8,000 out of $8,500

December 2018: $8,500 out of $8,500

Upon thinking and restructuring, I have decided that I am going to release on a largely digital scale. Physical EP copies will be printed but only a few specfically for donors to this projecct! 

Further more, every donation I receive is now being matched dollar for dollar. For every dollar I receive it will be matched at 100%!  More info here: tahiraclayton.com/news

Helping me get this project off of the ground and out to you is immeasurably appreciated. I can’t begin to start thanking you for even stopping by this page and considering a contribution. Please know that every donation means the world to me; truly a gift.

I am Wait(ing), Till (right) Now to make this project happen. All of my energy and love is going into it, and I hope you want to be apart of it! 

As a big “thank-you” to all of the contributors:

$5- a “Wait, Till Now” EP announcement poster

$10- “Wait, Till Now” EP announcement poster +  digital EP download

$15- a signed copy of the EP once released

$25- a signed  of the EP + t-shirt

$50- a signed pre-released copy of the EP + t-shirt + social media shout out

$100- a signed pre-released copy of the EP + t-shirt + a requested song (of your choice) recorded and posted to social media + written thank you in EP booklet 

$250- all of the above + free tickets to EP release show in January 2019

$500- all of the above + studio hang time with me while recording in August 

$1000+- all of the above + credit as a producer on the EP 

Please keep up with me on social media by giving any or all of my pages a like. I will be documenting these next 14 months here, keeping you updated on the project's progress. 

Instagram: @tee.clay
Facebook: @TahiraClaytonMusic  
Twitter: @t_claytonmusic

You can check out my website for gig dates, where some of the music from the upcoming record can be heard! You can also check out some of my music and videos there, too.  

Check out the latest single I was featured on here:

Thank you all so very much for your time in reading this and the constant and continuous love. Please feel free to share this page with any and all people who wish to support independent artists.

I know that I am asking for a lot, but I believe in all of those who believe in artists. 

You are so very appreciated. Lots of love,

  • Charles Valutas 
    • $200 
    • 47 mos
  • Carolyn Young 
    • $100 
    • 49 mos
  • Rick Browne 
    • $100 
    • 49 mos
  • Charles Valutas 
    • $1,845 
    • 52 mos
  • Laurie Wilson 
    • $15 
    • 52 mos
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Tahira Clayton 
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