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My Story (It's a novel & this is the short version); I lost almost everything, other than my life & adult children in a 3.5 year period. My family, beloved pets, marriage, home, source of income, health... Here's an overview of how I found myself setting up a GoFundMe & praying some angels could save me. I'm in financial dire straits as I just completed a very big & costly move, from my 20 year, family residence & marriage of 17 years (relationship of 20); to my current, (rental room) transitional space, as a divorced empty nester & orphan. I am beginning a brand new life, after surviving a 3.5 year period of crises. This began with losing my entire family, (save the kids). Everyone older than me in my once large family, (both sides), passed away in a 2.5 year time-span. My mother, best friend & sm biz partner was the last to go.  She was also the oldest when she died, right after her 70th birthday.  This was followed only 6 months later by a marital split. My husband worked out of state, (left shortly after my ill mother moved in), & couldn't handle the pressure of my begging him to return home & console me & help to liquidate the massive amount of assets I ended up with after everyone died. (3 large estates worth of 'stuff'! No, no properties or large life insurance policies, unfortunately.)  Unbelievably, he made the announcement during his annual holiday visit home on Christmas eve, right after I spent my mother's small life insurance policy & 6 months of my life  working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, "DIY renovating" his home for his Christmas gift! (Yes, he knew & helped pick out the new floors & color schemes.‍) Turned out for 2 years, when I was taking care of my terminally ill mother & burying family members & then 6 months renovating his home myself, he was living like a single man on the other side of the country. I didn't even know we had a problem until his announcement...So I was totally devastated at the time.   Looking back, I realize I was so devoted to our union, 'for the sake of the children', I could have died in a miserable marriage, if not for my family losses causing his exit. As many people do,  I chose to overlook all the obvious signs. Shortly after his departure, I was struck by a serious & very rare medical condition, (probably triggered by too much stress in a short timeframe & seems to happen to ppl w/PTSD a lot). It made my face disfigured & took the longest year of my life to recover from. I'm not ready to get specific about it yet, as it's still a traumatic issue 4 me & I still do require medical care & the expense that comes with it..But once I have overcome it 100%; physically & emotionally, I'll be ready to revisit it all & share my story with you, (complete with pics that'll blow your mind)!  The CDC is ignoring a very rare, but very serious condition that's becoming more prevalent..So the problem is, med professionals aren't equipped to deal with it, as no real research has been conducted & thus, no breakthroughs or even standard medical treatments suggested. My Doc has had 2 learn everything with me & there's been petitions since 2006 urging CDC research. So I do feel a responsibility to tell my story when I'm able. I documented it well. What I can tell you about my experience is that for 3 long months, I was 'holed up' in a room while I had friends bringing everything to me, lest I come out, 'looking like a monster'. Didn't want to scare children. Thank God the worst is over & I look like me again! My period of loss & trauma culminated in a massive electrical FIRE, that leveled my home, including my studio (& large business supply overhead), which took years to acquire. (Yes really).   Thank God I wasn't there as we had a freak accident during piping reconstruction where they kicked in wild pigeon mites that went after my birds. That "curse" literally saved my (& the birds) lives!  The firemen said I wouldn't be here had I been in my bed, where I should have been.    I used to be an artisan & will be again (& 4ever). I do plan on re-establishing my business as a PT venture & have already designed some swag for the next election that will be on the market as soon as I can afford the 1st round of merch! If you're able to donate to my cause & would like a free gift of some of the 1st pieces to be released, please let me know! I'd be delighted to send you some pieces 2 say TY. To make things more complicated, the ex controlled the HO policy & kept me off of it. So, I didn't the $ I should have to cover the assets lost. I'd already begun the estate liquidation process of inventorying everything left behind when mom passed away... So what was there & lost was mine or my departed family members. What I ended up with barely got me through living at the hotel, (surviving on prepared food & getting around via Lyft & Uber since the contractors lost my keys.).. *Yes, I should probably mention, the construction contractors lost my car keys, then lied about it & delayed, as it sat to bake in the Az sun for a long time... As stated earlier, I had no weight with the insurance to do anything directly & of course, got no help from the other side..  In the end, it sat there so long, it needs a little more investment, (summarized in closing), to get back on the road...I finally did get manage to get the key replaced though. Blessed my roommate was able to get it done for much less than the dealership. (She was towed to my new residence.)   Ex also failed to pay my cockatoo's boarder what the insurance $ sent to him to cover it. (I didn't find out until they told me we owed $4,500!) So, I lost my beloved companion goffins as well.  They were the only thing I had left to love as our 4 elderly dogs passed away at the time I was losing my family. So, I've also been petless for the 1st time in my life the last year & a half. It's hard, but for the best. I won't be getting a new furbaby, as tempting as it sounds, until my own life is established & grounded enough again to take on the added responsibility. Lucky for me, my new roomies have some great dogs. They're good therapy! So, the same year I was recovering from the medical issue & sifting through the rubble that was once my house & studio, then overseeing the house rebuild by day, I was living in a small hotel room, (with no closet or kitchen), by night.... Living out of a suitcase for a year was quite the experience!  I was told it would only take 1-4 months to rebuild, so opted to wait for the space since I needed to liquidate all the assets left in storage by my family. After construction was complete, (1 YEAR later), I moved back into the home for a few months to liquidate those hard assets. I really needed 6 months to sell everything properly, but, he wanted me out quickly & we came to an agreement in mediation..So I had to host a 2-week fire/estate liquidation sale. I really lost my shirt on that 1, MaxSold is great but made the bulk of the revenue for the work it required. That was OK  as I couldn't have afforded to have it all moved elsewhere & store it. It meant the world to me to see all these beautiful things my family acquired being proudly displayed & enjoyed again by people who love them! My cellphone flooded with pics of curios proudly displaying these things & that was payment enough!  Unfortunately though, in the end, we were only able to sell about 1/3 of everything, with the limited time we had. We did cover every surface of a 4 bedroom family home, including the kitchen stovetop! After all that,  I've still got 2 large storage units packed full of stuff to liquidate but must find a space in which to host a few more auctions to get the job done....That is, of course, if I can hold onto the units long enough to do so. (I have little doubt I can do so once I'm employed, but, must survive this financial apocalypse 1st.) As you can probably tell from the pics in the tweet screenshot I'll be including, I come from a family of 'collectibles hoarders' who left me with a monumental amount of eclectic stuff to find new homes for. So, that brings us to September 2019: I JUST transitioned to my new space this month, which consists of 2 rooms I'm renting in a wonderful family's home. I was hired 2 weeks ago & believed myself to be starting a new job TODAY; (the 28th)!   I was then planning to take out a title loan on my car to bridge the gap & pay my bills due on the 1st....HOWEVER, was notified yesterday the position fell through, which means not only am I NOT employed & also CAN'T qualify for the title-loan, or any other loans, as I have no proof of income. At this point, my ONLY option is to rely on the generosity of others &/or sell my only vehicle to a dealer that'll surely take me to the cleaners. Good luck getting employment without transportation.   (+I'd really like to keep it & do some delivery driving on the side, while getting back on my feet!) (*As an aside, I was looking 4 temp work via C*****ist in reception, childcare, cocktailing, etc. - whatever paid fast & was LEGAL & MORAL to avoid the title loan ut& bridge the gap...But whenever I declined or ignored offers from perverts for hanky panky gigs, they flagged me & had it pulled. It never lasted more than 3 hours. Grrrrr) I loathed & feared the idea of asking for charity. This is the 1st time in my life I've had to ask for a hand-up! Being conservative means I don't want assistance from the gov't or ppl if I am able-bodied. I also love the free market in this country as it allowed me to carve out my own small biz niche. However, I do believe assistance should exist for people in immediate need/crisis. A real 'safety net' might be good thing if only govt were effecent. Of course we should also have assistance for the truly disabled & programs to help able-bodied folks in crisis get on their feet again & back to being self sufficient. But such programs really don't exist. They might 'on paper', but not only does the current bureaucracy make the system move too slow for emergency relief, but it's also set up in many ways to work as a long term solution. Well, I don't plan on being in this position long! I'm also a big believer in voluntaryism, so want help from those who are in a position to do so & actually want to. It's all about choice. It should be YOUR choice in who to bless with your hard-earned dollars. My pride kept me from asking for help, but then an angel in human form from my feed asked my PayPal address & blessed me. Saved 1 of my mom's units!!! I will tell my grandchildren the story & this angel will be in my memory forever.  It blew my mind & helped me let my guard down enough to ask help from other angels the Lord has been so good as to bless me with on my feed.  Angels DO exist! I know my story reads like a big book of downers & apologize.   If you feel 'sorry' for me, please don't. Empathy not sympathy is what I need. Sympathy implies defeat & it's NOT over 4 me! I pray 4 & believe in victory, in Jesus' name & am a survivor who WILL overcome & rebuild everything with a smile. Everything but my family can be replaced & I know with all my heart, I will see them again. My best advice after the last 3 years might be, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR! (heh): In the end, I believe this all to be a direct answer to prayer & hold strong in the faith that the Lord has a plan for me! I know that sounds insane, but it ALL began the morning after I said a very heartfelt prayer, (my 1st in a long time), for HIM to, "mold me into the woman he wants me to be". The next day, I got the news my father didn't wake up & the dominoes began to fall & continued falling thereafter. The Lord obviously wanted me to be strong & less attached to worldly things, or he wouldn't have put me through this in the 1st place..  (Read the book of Job 3x during this time.) MY PLAN with this money, should I be so blessed as to receive it, is to pay my rent,  Verizon bill (new account), storage unit fees (inc pod moving),  car tags, emissions, tires (needs 4 good used 1s) & door repair so it opens+ gas 2 interviews- (after fixes, of course. Lyft 2 em before) & to work once hired, groceries/food/other living exp. until 1st paycheck, Dr visit & monthly medication refills on the 4th- (rescheduled from the 3rd). Anything left over once my 1st paycheck hits, I promise to 'pay it forward' via #TwitterPhilanthropy!  If you can help financially, God bless you & thank you from the bottom of my heart! If you can't, God bless you from the bottom of my heart. I'm just as gracious for the gift of prayer if you are a believer & would be so kind as to say 1 for me. Prayer works! Sometimes, it's the ONLY thing that sustains us. ANY & ALL prayers for employment, sanity, peace, stability, wisdom & physical wellness are ALL deeply appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this & may the Lord bless you & your family abundantly.

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