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My family lineage originates from Jamaica. We ate what I thought were very delicious foods, most of which were grown in our very backyard. I migrated to the United States in 1992. I saw and tasted foods I could never imagine. It was a delight to the palates. Oily, fatty, grease, salty, big and fast was what I became used to. OH MAN DOES IT TASTE GOOD!!!. I never thought much about how I ate. NYC is a fast pace, I don't have time for anything, give me food on the go kind of place to live.

I never thought about it until 20 years later my dad was diagnosed with cancer. A complete overhaul of his diet drastically reduced his symptoms. It also dramatically reduced his Chemotherapy. Today in his early 60s his primary form of treatment is healthy eating. Being in my late 30s, I have also become more conscious of how my family and I eat.


My father was kindest man with the largest heart in the world. He would give his last to the richest or poorest of persons. There is no mural large enough to paint a picture of his life. A retired air-force veteran and father of three, there was nothing he did not or would not do for us. Like the time I got in trouble with the teacher at school and he flew up there to meet the teacher. I thought I was going to be in huge trouble. The teacher told him what was wrong and he got so angry and started yelling at the teacher lol. He told her how great of a child I was and that I should not be judged by one little mistake. I got yelled at when I got home but he would never make me look bad in public no matter what.

As a seasoned electrician he ate just about anything on the go. There was always a home cooked meal when he came home. He loved flavors, big greasy flavors. He loved meats and big portions. That is until he started walking funny! We took him to the doctor only to find out that he had stage four prostate cancer. The doctors asked us "WHAT HAS HE BEEN EATING"? We tried to change his diet however he could not taste the huge robust flavors he loved. It is entirely too heartbreaking to say how we had to watch him go through the changes from being the hero I knew to a man I could barely recognize. The doctors told us to take him home and keep him comfortable. Living with a love one that you know is dying is something I would not wish on anyone. At Thanksgiving dinner he told my husband "Take over for me, I know you are the one". We all fought the tears. That was his last thanksgiving. He took his last breath in my husband's arms on a hospice bed.
I can't get the memory of the doctor asking "WHAT HAS HE BEEN EATING"? out of my mind. I love you dad.


Astounded, devastated, baffled. A few of plenty words to express how I
felt receiving that phone call. “Where are you?! Stop what you are
doing and make your way to Westchester Medical Center immediately.”
Confused and scared hearing the trembling but urgency in my father
voice. I asked “Why?! What happened?!” He replied “Your mother had a

Being the eldest of my siblings, I did my best to hold it together.
That was until we walked into the emergency room and saw her lying in
the hospital bed. We were greeted with a faint but radiant smile. My
mom, doing what she does best. Trying to down play the severity of the
issue so her children did not have to worry. (while lying motionless
on the bed) Hiding behind her smile, as I would often call it.

The doctor walked in introduced himself and started asking questions.
She whispered her responses with a slur as we stood by and watched.
Then came the motor skills test. “Lift up your right arm.” She did so
slowly as if she had no energy. “List up your right leg.” Same
response. “Lift up your left arm.” No movement... I took a deep
breath. “Lift up your left leg.” No movement. It was that moment I
went blank. A feeling of emptiness took over my body. A million things
but yet still nothing at the same time running through my mind. Seeing
the strongest, most determined woman I know laying helplessly in the
E.R is a vision that been imprinted and stained into brain forever. I
walked away as calmly as I could. However, with ever step I took, it
left as if I was slowly sinking through the floor.

My mother has always maintained somewhat of a healthy diet. Exercise
when she could, wasn’t a big drinker and never smoked a day of her
life. The doctors later advise that had it not been for her diet, the stroke
could have been 10 times more severe. She had to change her entire
diet from that point forward. Walking with a cane and not being able
to exercise how she would like, she had to put more emphasis on her

While maintaining a strict and health diet, she still had 4 additional
strokes. A total of five. All of which could have caused permanent
damage if not for her diet. It’s safe to say eating healthy  literally saved my
mothers life. Eating all natural and organic food. Educating herself on what foods will help with her circulation verses strictly relying on the medicine provided by the doctors.

Latoya's Grandmother: 

My grandmother is one of the most active people I know. She loves to spend time in her garden, travel the world, which includes going to Trinidad every year to participate in Carnival.

 Our family never had a healthy diet, we tend to eat what "made us happy." This lifestyle lead to a few health concerns for my grandmother. She had diabetes for almost forty years and had a triple bypass surgery due to a 90% blockage in her arteries. The news of the blockage devastated our family and this is when we realized how poor eating habits could be deadly. Since her surgery, not only does she eat healthy but she is mindful on reminding family members and friends of healthy alternatives. With her new diet, she is no longer taking medication for the diabetes. 



Have you ever gone on vacation in another country and ate only healthy food?
Have you ever gone on vacation and came home sick or gained some unplanned weight?
Have you ever gone on vacation had meals that we designed with your health in mind?
Have you ever gone on vacation and never have to worry about what you eat because the resort has you covered?
Have you ever gone on vacation and came home feeling good, refreshed,educated and armed with information that will
serve you for the rest of you life?

We have all traveled and had some pretty tasty foods however we can't count it all as healthy.  Vacation resorts are usually beautiful but can seem mundane. Wake up to buffet breakfast, spend the day on the beach or in a pool, then have lunch, go back to the beach or pool, then have dinner, enjoy whatever night life is provided by the resort and repeat it all until the vacation is over.

Burke Thomas LLC has been inspired by a health conscience ideology to create a resort that houses an atmosphere that will enhance your resort experience. Living and eating well has become a major priority for each of us. We want to create a wellness resort for new beginnings.
Imagine a place that doesn't just have a gym but a full workout facility and free personal trainers. Imagine meals designed to meet your bodies needs specifically (i.e If you suffer from indigestion, we provide meals for you that are not only tasty and nutritious but fights indigestion).
If you suffer from diabetes you will not have to worry about delicious meals while enjoying a full resort vacation experience. Imagine having foods that are grown on the premises already in your room upon arrival and delivered to you at your request. Imagine begin able to attend free health conferences on the resort grounds given by a resident doctor where you can learn how to eat well and use food to battle sickness and deceases.   

You will still enjoy every bit of an ideal vacation experience, surrounded by beautiful beaches, with a warm sun and cool breezes, amazing service, lush vegetation with an Island vibe, wonderful people, excursions, water activities, massages, hammocks and all the amenities that comes with being on a beautiful Island resort. 

You will go home refresh, rested, rejuvenated, educated, armed with information to make wiser decisions about your health and feeling good about your future.

We humbly ask for your support in making this dream come to fruition.
Our goal is to be open by 2025. We plan on giving an amazing promotion to all who donate. This is something that will impact individuals, families and the world in a very positive way. I look forward seeing you all there.

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