Sweet Willow's Surgery Fund

I'd like you to meet Willow. I first saw her about 2 months ago wandering along a busy road that I use to go into work everyday. When I saw her I stopped immediately since there are more than just cars to worry about in this area, there is also a great deal of wildlife and here is this tiny Shih Tzu all alone. From the moment I met her she melted my heart. Such a sweet soul, she came right up to me tail wagging. She was skin and bones, matted and had this huge tumor hanging from her as well as about a dozen small tumors. At first I thought she was a stray, but soon realized she did have a home so I carried her back there and handed her over to her mom. After I left I could not get her out of my head. She was all I could think about, so every time I was on that road I looked for her.

A couple weeks passed before I saw her again and this time she was literaly locked together with a male chihuhua who was having his way with her. They were in the middle of the road so I pulled over and started slowing down traffic until I could separate them and get them safely to the side of the road. This time when I brought her home I asked the man that was there if I could take her with me. I could give her a great home and make sure she had the medical care she needed. He said it wasn't his decision but he'd speak to her mom and let me know.  I waited by my phone, but no call came so everyday on my way into work and then again on my way home I stopped and knocked on their door until one day they answered and finally agreed to let me take Willow. I also found out that she is 12 years old.
I immediately took her to the vet and in addition to her numerous tumors and being nearly starved, the poor girl also has a severe heart murmur which makes surgery very risky and complicated. Before we could even consider operating we first needed to get her stronger which meant gaining some weight and getting the proper nutrition. Over the next several weeks Willow gained a few pounds, had a nice haircut and is learning to be part of a family, but even with all this progress we still had this severe heart murmur to contend with.
This brings us to today, now 7 weeks after her rescue. Her tumors continue to grow. The largest one I call Potata, since it sounds nicer than "giant tumor", is so big now it drags along the ground and I have been using a belly band to prevent it from scraping and getting sores. She has also developed a new tumor under her eyelid that is growing very fast and starting to irritate her eye. On June 1st we drove 6 hours for her to see a specialist since carrying around Potata cannot go on. It weighs almost as much as Willow and her eye is more irritated each passing day. We met with an amazing surgeon who is working with a radiologist and a cardiologist to create a surgical plan to minimize the risks given Willow's heart condition and remove as many tumors as possible starting with Potata and her eyelid tumor and if she is doing well under anesthesia, the doctor will also remove as many of Potata's friends as possible.
All I can think about is making her as comfortable as possible for probably the first time in many many years. She is the sweetest little soul with a lot of love to give. When I first rescued her I thought I could manage all her care on my own, but now with all the complications involved and my desire to make this as safe a procedure as possible, the amount required is more than I can possibly afford so I am here asking for your help. Please help me give Willow the life she deserves. Her surgery which is going to cost $5,179. 70 is scheduled for June 13th, but will need to be delayed if I cannot raise the money. I have included a breakdown of the charges for Willow's surgery below.

I wish you could all meet Willow in person because despite a lifetime of neglect her tail is always wagging. She now has a loving family around her (2-legged and 4-legged) and with your help, a real chance at the happiness she deserves. Will you please help Willow?

  • Bryan Tietz
    • $5 
    • 6 yrs
  • Tadhg Fleming
    • $50 
    • 6 yrs
  • Kelly Catoe
    • $20 
    • 6 yrs
  • Dog Quality Team
    • $260 (Offline)
    • 6 yrs
  • Anonym
    • $70 
    • 6 yrs
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