Suzie's Medical Journey


I'm creating this GoFundMe on behalf of our friend and our son's godmother, Suzie Soloviev.

Suzie began to suffer from painful and severe invasive endometriosis and had surgery in May 2021 and January 2023 to remove endometrial matter growing on multiple internal organs. She also had to endure a total hysterectomy. It's rare but possible for endometriosis to morph into adenosarcoma, which is a malignancy. While recovering from her most recent surgery, she discovered that a 15 cm mass removed from her abdomen was adenosarcoma, classified as Stage III.

Adenosarcoma is rare --- only a handful of people in the books have had this type of cancer outside the uterus. To treat it, Suzie will be embarking on a treatment plan consisting of 4-6 cycles of chemotherapy, starting now (February) until June. Once the cancer is suppressed, she'll begin another treatment to ensure the endometriosis does not return.

Suzie has a very supportive and loving family. Her husband, Greg, will take time off as needed to bring Suzie into Boston for her chemo infusions each week. Suzie, who is self-employed, will work as she is able, but will understandably need to make healing and rest a priority. Additionally, it will be important for them both to spend time together as a family and support their young daughter as their routine changes.

During her treatment, we don't want them to worry about financial strain due to these priority shifts, or due to the costs that can accrue with a prolonged medical challenge. If you feel moved, please consider supporting Suzie and her family during this journey. Suzie appreciates your prayers and love.

With thanks and love,
Rachel Taft

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Suzannah Soloviev

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