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Ever hear yourself say, “I just need some space.”  What kind of space do you imagine—open, warm, inviting, peaceful, enlivening…?  In New York City this space exists—Moving Body Resources!

Moving Body Resources (MBR) is a space for people who need to let go of their daily grind and preoccupations.  A space where they can move, settle, breathe, rest, restore, heal and create.  MBR serves thousands of gifted teachers, practitioners, students, and clients who come here for work and to experience deep healing, learning, and transformation.  We function as a rental space for these professionals who are sincerely dedicated, creatively self-employed entrepreneurs, striving to make people’s lives better.  In turn, they serve to make our world a healthier, more peaceful, and enlivened space to live.

MBR started 21 years ago (1999) as a space to support a diverse community of wellness professionals with their students and clients, and as a NYC home for Continuum classes and workshops.  MBR not only survived the 2001 and 2008 economic recessions, MBR grew!  Even during these severe economic times, people recognized the value and deep need for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual resources, and the need for a safe space to work, learn, and heal in. 

As the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world, it forced all the amazing people who come to MBR from the city, region, and world, to stay home, stay safe, stop traveling, and stop working in-person.  While businesses of many kinds have reopened fully or partially, state and city restrictions on groups and in-person work have severely limited the ability of our teachers, practitioners, and their clients/students to fully utilize MBR.  More importantly, caring citizens from all over, are choosing to move in much more conservative ways to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their communities from spreading the virus.  While we miss all the moving bodies in our space and the vital income generated from these rentals, we fully support everyone’s efforts to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

To survive and thrive through the pandemic, and to save the physical space of MBR on W. 27th Street, we invite you to join us by supporting Moving Body Resources in our Save the Space MBR campaign, so we can pay the rent, utilities, insurance, and upkeep of MBR through the end of 2021.  We have set clear intentions to sustain this beautiful space.  We intend to be here when the government allows for classes and workshops again, and to be here when our communities have moved past the intensity of this pandemic.  We intend to be here when you and everyone else feels safe and ready to work, learn, and heal in-person individually and in groups.

The presence of MBR has always depended on the strength and support of a broad, diverse, local and global community.  We need to raise funds now!  And we intend to meet our full goal within the first few months of 2021. 

Please consider any donation you make as a gift of creating peace-filled, healing, and transformative space for yourself and all of those you love.

There are many ways to Save the Space MBRdonate now through, OR attend events, purchase private sessions and classes, OR rent space to use in-person or occupy from a distance.  For any of these options go to Save the Space MBR . 

CONTRIBUTIONS OR GIFTS TO MOVING BODY RESOURCES LLC ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE AS A CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION.  Any contributions received shall be considered gifts to Moving Body Resources LLC, which is a for profit business.  At the discretion of Moving Body Resources, gifts/monies received will be used to cover Moving Body Resources’ ongoing costs and expenses in an effort to help Moving Body Resources survive and provide peaceful, safe, clean, and inspiring space to wellness professionals and their clients and students for years to come.

Thank you from deep inside the space of our well-being for your generous contribution of any amount!
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