Cancer Survivor Very GRATEFUL!

Please do take a few minutes to read my story and the research on the dangers of breast implants below then -head for my video updates archives above and subscribe to my channel on youtube here:

UPDATE:  I've been sharing updates over the past few months as my health improves since getting the silicone removed from my body on April 30th, 2015. The surgery went great and I spent several days post surgery recoverying at the beautiful Atlanta Hospitality House.

After returning home and two weeks post surgery  I developed a very rare adverse effect when the local nurse here removed the surgical drains and caused an internal bleed that left me in emergency surgery having lost over 30% of my blood volume. It was a close call. 

So - between the silicone toxicity, mold, fungas and blood loss it has been a long, drawn out process to get where I am. After over 15 years of declining health and being near death I AM getting better; my health IS improving. And this is all because of your support - THANK YOU! 

Please do take a few minutes to read my story and the research on the dangers of breast implants below then -head for my video updates archives above or at youtube here:

THANK YOU AGAIN for your encouragement and your financial support.

I have a long ways to go and continue to need your help.

Won't you please consider a repeating monthly gift to help me finish this? 

Currently my monthly expenses for supplements to support and restore my health are in the vicinity of 200-400. One month it was over 600..

The prognosis is that this part of the journey can take 1-2 years to resolve the silicone poisoning, fungas, mold, immune system and other issues caused by the breast implants I was told were safe. 

And none of this is covered by my insurance. 

My daughter has committed to helping me as much as she can to the point of draining her retirement account. She's been working overtime but that is not guarenteed to always be the case. My reserves have been depleted. It is only with your help that I will be able to make sure I'm able to finish this and restore my health. 

Thank you you for helping me get the surgery that saved my life and thank you for your support as I travel the path back to health! 


I survived the breast cancer. Won't you help me to survive this? My body is rejecting the silicone implants used in the reconstruction.  I was a participant in the 2006 study that targeted breast cancer patients to help put silicone breast implants back on the market. My complaints about ill health were dismissed and not reported by my surgeon or other doctors; I never once heard from the manufacturer for follow up and my attempts to contact them have been in vain. Insurance covered the treatment for the cancer and reconstructive surgery but there is no insurance coverage to remove the implants that are making me ill nor will the study I was in cover it. 

I survived the cancer. 

Won't you help me survive this?

Text: Symptoms of Silicone Toxicity 

I'm a cancer survivor, yes, but more importantly, I'm a Mom to two very awesome adults and Nana to a amazing young man. 

Text: Allergan, Mentor (stocks) rise after silicone implants OKd (Nov.2006)

This fundraiser is to help me have the surgery and medical care required to get the implants out, restore my health and allow me to reclaim my life.

Text: FDA Questions Studies of Breast Implant Safety - Ongoing Safety Studies Have Lost as Many as 79% of Enrolled Patients  (Aug.2011)

Excerpt: Aug. 30, 2011 -- A panel of expert advisors to the FDA has been asked to solve a mystery: What happened to thousands of women who enrolled in studies designed to evaluate rare complications that might arise years after they received silicone gel breast implants?

The answer to that question? 

I'm right here. 

I've never heard from the manufacturer who did this study  and my efforts to contact them have been ignored. In fact, the company than manufactured my implants, McGhan, is now defunct. My surgeon did not record my complaints of declining health and basically dismissed me. 

If I don't get this surgery my health will continue to decline, I will experience more advanced disability and possibly, an early death from any number of complications, including new cancers.

VIDEO: Absolutely Safe: Dr. Edward Melmed at the FDA on Breast Implant Risk (1:46)

Having silicone breast implants is a game of chance; it's like russian roulette. I've missed the bullet so far but every day that these toxic things remain in my body is a gamble for my life. 

With surgery, the prognosis to get my life back and restore my health is very good.

I love life and am always hopeful and grateful for every day I have but my strength is quickly fading as my body reacts to the toxic fungus left behind by the leaking saline implants and rejects the silicone implants I received following the breast cancer. 

Your donation, large or small, will make all the difference and help me to get my life back and get back to the life I had and doing the things I Iove with those I love. 

In 1999 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy that took all of the breast tissue and lymph nodes on my right side. In 2000 my left breast was removed following discovery of another lump that was, fortunately, not cancerous but done as a preventive measure. In 2001 I began the long painful process of months of tissue expansion in preparation for saline breast implants that I was told were completely safe.

VIDEO: Dr. Susan Kolb on Saline Implants and Biotoxins, Neurological problems, Endorcrine System Disruption, Fatigue and Impact on Immune System (11:14)

In early 2006 I noticed that the right implant was leaking into my body and agreed to replace the defective saline filled implants with the newest gel silicone implants. My surgeon again assured me that these "new and improved" silicone implants were completely safe, unlike the early versions that caused silicone to be removed from the market in 1992. 

Unfortunately - the mold that was found on the saline implants that were removed during this surgery was not addressed. In addition my body started reacting badly to the new silicone implants almost immediately.

Over the next several years my health continued to decline as I struggled with numerous immune, endocrine, digestive and nervous system issues. 

VIDEO: Dr. Susan Kolb on Silicone Implants, the source of Fibromyalgia, other auto immune disease and lymphoma (6:28)

Once active, ambitous and full of life, my health has severely declined year by year.

The things that I used to take for granted like going for a long walk, being outdoors during the summer months,working in my garden, riding my bike, walking, running and swimming are no longer possible. Your donation will help me to have hope that one day I will be able to do these things again. 

This fundraiser is intended to help me travel, with one support person, to a specialist who has helped multitudes of other women to recover from this deadly and crippling mold and silicone toxicity.

The bottom line is this surgery and post-surgery health care will allow me to begin to heal and restore my health and my life.

Please give what you can, as often as you can and share where you can; I truly cannot do this without you. 


3,200 Surgeon

3,300 Outpatient Surgical Facility

1,300 Anesthesia

​ 125 Ultrasound

 1000 Lymph node biopsy  

1,100 transportation, food and lodging to travel to Atlanta for the surgery by car with her surgery support person. (Note: An additional 1500 would allow for round trip plane travel and related expenses for 2 persons)

2,500 1 year of prescriptions/medical care to detoxify from the toxic impact of the silicone and mold

1, 068 Fundraiser site and credit card fees of 7.9%

Total estimated cost: $13, 593.00


I am determined to continue to pay forward what you help me to achieve. There are thousands of breast cancer survivors and other women who are suffering from these same diseases related to both the saline and silicone implants, whose lives have been devastatingly impacted. All funds over the amount required for my own surgery will be directed toward helping other women to make this journey back to health.


VIDEO: Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Susan Kolb on Saline and Silicone Implants; Silicone Implants are Prone to Leakage of Cancer-Causing, Neurotoxic Agents (50:33)

AUDIO: Radio 3Fourteen - Susan Kolb - Breast Implants, Silicone Toxicity & 21st Century Diseases (53:46)

TEXT: Scientific evidence proves that: Silicone breast implants can produce autoimmune illnesses. (1996)

VIDEO: Dr. Micheal Jennings, DC on Silicone Toxicity and Detoxification (5:26)

TEXT: Breast Implants: A Research and Regulatory Summary (2012)

WEBSITE: Explant Info A Positive Community Providing Women With Loving Support, Education and Practical Advice On All Breast Implant and Explant Related Topics

BOOK: The Naked Truth About Breast Implants; From Harm to Healing by Dr. Susan E. Kolb

Petition: Breast Implants and Women's Health: A Silenced Epidemic (The Implant Awareness Campaign is an international movement promoting medical transparency and accountability through advocacy and grassroots initiatives. The primary focus of this campaign is to increase awareness of immunological contraindications to medical devices and to provide safety recommendations that address substandard failure rates.)

Lana Merriam passed away in 2014 but her story and her work will go on to impact others. Read about how silicone implants impacted not only her life and health but that of her children here

TEXT: Breast Implants: The Ticking Time Bomb In Millions Of Women’s Bodies

TEXT: National Center for Health Research: What you need to know about breast implants

Thank you for helping me fight and win this battle for my health and my life as I knew it and thank you for helping to bring awareness to these issues. 

Video: This woman had her implants removed 2 years ago. 

TEXT: Anne Ziegenhorn tells her story of struggle with breast implants, how her doctors couldn't find what was wrong and Dr Susan Kolb helped her start to turn things around. 

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