Support Tory's Healing

It is with a tender heart that I write to humbly request your financial support on behalf of our dear friend, colleague, teacher and beloved human collaborator, Tory Capron.  Tory is deeply in the throes of a significant health crisis. For the past year, she has been experiencing a host of unusual and extremely uncomfortable symptoms, including the progressive loss of motor function in her left hand, foot and leg. After extensive diagnostic testing at two different Mayo Clinics, Tory was diagnosed with ALS, a neuro-degenerative disease that destroys muscle function in the body (limbs, breathing, swallowing, etc).  Sadly there is no treatment or cure for ALS, and the average lifespan from onset is a sobering 2-3 years. Of course, we wholeheartedly pray that Tory will outlive this projection, but this is the average prognosis.   As Tory’s physical limitations worsen noticeably each week, her job now is to find the highest quality of life she can for the time she has remaining.  

One of the most direct, supportive and useful ways that we can support Tory at this time is to co-create a financial net and network for her.  

Tory has already incurred more than $150,000 in out-of-pocket costs for diagnostic testing, travel and lodging expenses.  Insurance is not likely to reimburse Tory for much of this. As such, in the months to come, there will be ongoing, abundant need for financial help.  Tory plans on continuing to work for as long as she can, both as a therapist and spiritual teacher, but it cannot be known what she will be capable of as the days progress and her physical limitations worsen.  

If you know Tory, you know her as a physically vibrant, strong and extremely active woman.  A life-long lover of the outdoors, avid skier, hiker, climber and kayaker, to name a few.  To watch the woman that I have never been able to keep up with on a mountain trail, and who has weathered the physical intensity of living alone for many years in the wilderness, limp up the few steps into her home, and tell me that she is watching her own capacity to zip a zipper and button a shirt disappear before her eyes, is nothing less than soul-rendering and heartbreaking.  Daily, my breath is taken away by the speed at which this disease is unfolding in Tory’s body, the implications ahead for Tory’s life and lifestyle, and a profound sense of helplessness in not knowing how best to support my dearest friend.  As Tory’s community, I know we hold these feelings and questions together.

A devoted psycho-therapist and Buddhist teacher, Tory has dedicated her life to the healing and spiritual awakening of her fellow humans.  As with many of us who are called to service, receiving can be more challenging.  Tory would not have dreamed  of asking her community for this kind of support, but with the heartfelt encouragement of a few close friends, she has been willing to let us dream it for her.  Thank you for being part of the community that can collectively evoke a dream of receiving for this generous Soul.     

Beyond the money, it is the great weaving of community that Tory needs now and that we are being given the opportunity to co-create for her and invite her to lean into. However small the offering, your energetic participation will be greatly felt and graciously received.  

I invite you to join virtual hands with me, and with the countless other humans who love and adore Tory, to begin this great weaving.  May all our combined support and intentions be the great web of life that holds, buoys and brings healing blessing to our beloved Tory as she bravely traverses this sacred ground.

With profound gratitude.

Deeply bowing,
  • Leslie Brown 
    • $200 
    • 12 hrs
  • Alicia Grayson 
    • $35 
    • 2 d
  • Melissa Lopez 
    • $100 
    • 3 d
  • Michal Fire 
    • $100 
    • 5 d
  • Loren Uecker 
    • $64 
    • 5 d
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Organizer and beneficiary

Loren Olds Uecker 
Lafayette, CO
Tory Capron