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The Zanmai Project

The Zanmai Project is a cyclopilgrimage focused on Zen practice and Dharma diffusion. Zanmai is a Japanese Buddhist term meaning both concentration of meditation (zazen) and peace of mind.

My name is Komyo. I am a Zen Buddhist monk who has lived for almost 4 years at Ryumonji monastery in Weiterswiller, Alsace (France).
In May 2022, I embarked on a 35,000 km (22 000 miles) bicycle trip to Japan, passing through the northeastern United States, Canada, the American west coast, Central and South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, China and South Korea & Japan. There, I will spend 6 months in a Zen temple to continue my training as a monk.

A journey focused on Zen meditation and Dharma diffusion

All along my journey, I will demonstrate zazen to those who want to experience it. I have the intimate conviction that if everyone practiced zazen for even a few minutes a day, the world would be a better place. Because zazen is to connect with the order of things and to stop the struggle in all its forms. Zazen is the return to the normal condition of the body and mind. But it is also to penetrate a larger and deeper reality that is common to all, and to extract oneself from that which is limited to our personal and discriminating consciousness.

Zazen is neither reserved for an elite nor for Buddhists. It is a universal way that passes through the body and has been transmitted from masters to disciples for nearly 2600 years, without any dogmatic belief.

Thus my project is to make known this posture of awakening throughout my course.
But also to go and meet other sangha, in other Zen monasteries (in the USA, Canada, South America). A beautiful way, I think, to create a link and to understand the history of Zen throughout the world.

What will your donations be used for?

The cost of living has inexorably increased and my personal savings will be very limited to complete this project.
It is therefore with deep gratitude and humility that I accept your support. The money collected will be used to pay for the stays in the monasteries, to make donations, to pay for some travel (plane, train, bus), and to pay for some of my food and lodging.

Donation is the first of the paramitas (virtue that allows to go beyond). It is an act of spontaneous generosity (time, energy, material gifts), without expecting anything in return.

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